Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Golden Lily First Chapter!

Hello Fellow Readers! 

I just found the amazing first chapter of the Golden Lily by Richelle Mead on the
 Entertainment Weekly website. You can read it and a short interview here!

 I loved it but was disappointed on how there was no Adrian, my book boyfriend, in it. Hopefully the next excerpt released will have many great Adrian moments and we will finally be able to see how Dmitri and Adrian react around each other. This a wonderful, well-writened and detailed chapter.
I can't wait to read the full book!

Who else is a Bloodline's or Vampire Academy fan? I would love to chat about the excerpt with you in comments. I will reply to everyone!

I'm so vivacious right now!


  1. I haven't read them yet. I'm about to read Vampire Academy assuming I ever get caught up on work.

    1. I know that feeling. I really want to read the Iron Fey series, but haven't had the chance yet. You should definitely try the amazing series!

  2. I loved the first chapter and cannot wait for the actual book! Who thinks their should be an Adrian/Dimitri bromance? That would be hilarious! But I love Adrian too much to be happy about Dimka's return

    1. :) I love seeing what Keith's life is like now and meeting his father. I really would love to see Adrian and Dmitri haning out too. I love Adrian too! i wouldn't mind if Ardrian and Dmitri have a quick bonding session then Dmitri is called to return to Christain. I rather the series be about Adrian, Sydney, Eddie and jill, I love those four!

  3. There's something for you on my blog :)

    OK, I am SO. EXCITED. for TGL! And you know what's crazy? I haven't even read Bloodlines. I back-to-backed the VA series, and I was about to start it when I decided to leave, give it some space, and stretch out the awesome...

    But... err...
    I may have read that famous last line. WANT WANT WANT!

    1. :) I never really cared about the famous last line but I do care about the last scene solely between Sydney and Adrian in Bloodlines! I am super excited! I really wish that TGL was coming out today instead of months from now!
      lol, I'm re-reading B right now because i'm so excited!

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