Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Nickquinnemmeradam Day!

Well today is a very Nickquinnemmeradamian day!

Today is a day to celebrate the special and awesome characters Nick, Quinn and Adam.
After all, they are the main characters in the novella Breathless by the magnificent Brigid Kemmerer that is released today!
And I have a cover love, review and interview for you to celebrate!  

Breathless by Brigid Kemmerer
Publication Date: Today! April 30th, 2013
Publisher: Kensington Publishing 
Source: NetGalley from Publisher

First, bravo cover designer and Nick model!!!!!!! I absolutely possitively love this incredible cover! I love Nick's stance, the beautiful blue color blended with darker blue signalling air movements. An amazing creation!

My Review:

“His thoughts felt stuck on a spinning roulette wheel, bouncing along, never settling where he expected, leaving him half-hoping it would keep spinning — and half hoping it would stop.” Pg. 22 of my ARC of Breathless.

Gosh, Breathless comprised of 53 or so pages that left me in awe.

The writing was phenomenal. The writing was full of many amazing similes like the one above and splendid prose.

The story delightful since it was full of self-discovery and even had a little action with Matt’s creepy friend. While reading, I felt so many moments of exited laughter as I admired the language, the characters, and the incorporation of elements. Everything.

Really, the only complaint I’m left with is the classical it is too short.

For the first time in my re-reading history, I wanted to experience this wonderful story again as soon as I finished it the first time. Usually I wait at least a day to re-read anything. I did not re-read it because it was novella, but because it was wonderful. Reading it supplies the same feeling I receive as I eat a hot fudge sundae, loving every bite of bittersweet chocolate colliding with cool ice cream, never wanting the sweet taste to leave my mouth.

What was it that caused this novella to be rereadable and special to me the most? Well, it was the three main characters. Quinn, Adam, and Nick, are characters that leave so much room open up for exploring. Room to explore their feelings, mistakes, and histories, basically everything that makes a character real.

Character Explorations:


Quinn was my favorite character in Storm. I completely adored Quinn as she constantly revealed how much she cared for her best friend Becca through standing by her side and her no-nonsense personality. I love how she was blunt. Sweet when desired.

Quinn was different in some ways in Breathless. She was still blunt, but seeing her home life revealed the insecure nature that she hid in Storm. She battle’s loneliness that I understand since I feel it sometimes. Quinn has a dismal home life and the way she reacted to it was not admirable. But it did show that she was a real person, as she was affected by others opinions of her. 

I love her fierce nature, her open-mindedness, her caring nature that she tries to hide, her humor, and her ability to adapt quickly to surprise.


Breathless is the first appearance of Adam. Adam has potential to be as interesting a character as Quinn and Nick. Quinn shared his interesting back-story where he could have reacted with vengeance. Instead, he moved forward, to work on accomplishing his dancing dream. This short story introduces a funny guy, who is proud of his identity, exuberant in nature, and understands the importance of letting others make their own choices.
I am eager to understand him further in Siege. (The full Nick/Quinn book)


When I read Spark, I found Nick as the best and greatest character. My favorite scene in Spark was when he and Gabriel fought because of every line spoken by Nick.

I feel that I have not truly understood Nick as fully as I do now.

His appearance is one of perfection. His interior is compassion rising with confusion. From the first moment in Breathless, Nick mind is in disarray. It unfolds in discovery. Stiffens with indecision.

I am hooked to Nick’s mind with wonderment. A point of view I will never forget. Like water in a sea, I am bubbling with energy to lean more into his mind.

What makes Nick unique among his brothers is that he is the one who is suppose to have everything together. He is the one the others go to when they have a problem. This situation results with how Nick is keeping his worries in his head, is hiding his hidden fire, and is pushing others to reach their calming point, while not being a saint. Yes, Nick encompasses how you do not have to be self-sacrificing to be empathetic. Yes, Nick tries to controls his feelings and usually he does that well. Yes, Nick's empathetic nature is what I love most about him. 

Will Nick loosen his control and take a chance in Breathless

Find out in a moment of being Breathless.

An interview with the awesome Brigid Kemmerer! 
Thanks again for letting me interview you Brigid!

1. How has your writing process changed since writing Storm?

Well, before you sell books to a publisher, you're kind of on your own schedule. You want to write on Friday night, you do it. You want to take three days off, no one cares. Once you signed a contract, you need to put your butt in the chair and your hands on the keyboard. Writing Hunter's book was extremely difficult for me, and I wanted to walk way from it numerous times, but I knew I had to deliver a finished product. Normally I can write straight through a book, with with this, I started and abandoned numerous scenes. I do think I'm better at tight plotting now than I was in the beginning. I also let myself take more risks. When I started writing Storm, I never thought I'd pull of a scene with two guys making out. When I wrote Breathless, I couldn't imagine leaving that out! (And in Siege -- the working title for NIck's book -- I push the envelope even further!)  

I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens next between Adam and Nick!

2. What is a mundane but exciting event in your life that you would like to share? Like the rat story on your blog awhile back. (Check out the story HERE!)

The rat story is a good one! 

My life is pretty mundane. I tell people I write fantasy to make it more exciting. Actually, here's a funny story that I might have told at the last book signing. When I was researching firefighting and arson, I met with the local fire chief several times and I would email him random questions ALL the time. He had great stories, and my husband got sick of me saying, "The fire chief said ..." ANYWAY, when I got my author copies of Spark, I immediately took one to the fire house to give it to him. Of course, I took a picture of him holding it. When I brought the pics home, I posted them on Facebook, and my husband took one look at the 30-something muscled fireman in my picture and said, "THAT'S the fire chief? All this time, I thought you were chatting and emailing with a fifty-year old fat guy!"

3. Did you do any reasearch while writing Breathless? What did you do?

I've been reading as many M/M YA stories I can get my hands on. One of the best is Don't Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble (We've became friends since I reached out after reading her book.) I've also talked to as many gay men (and young men) who would talk to me. So many varied experiences! And finally, I'm not going to lie, I searched YouTube videos of boys kissing. I wanted to get the dynamics right. 

Favorite Section!

My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. Hands down.

Dream Vacation:

Dream vacation? Probably somewhere warm, but not the beach. I get bored on the beach. I like to explore.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

Don't like ice cream. It's cold. I'd rather eat popcorn and french fries any day. 

Books You Love:

Books I love? Do you have an hour? Last book that knocked my socks off (seriously) was Hushed by Kelley York. It's amazing. I like books that get right to the point and don't mess around, without a lot of flowery writing. Hushed is a thriller and it's M/M (though the romance really takes a back seat to the action), and it's just ... Rachel, you need to read it. The main character was terrifying and tragic and I just wanted to give him a hug and make him a sandwich. 

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Corner of White by Jacklyn Moriarty Review

Hi Everyone!

A Corner of White by Jacklyn Moriarty 
Publisher: Arthur L. Levine Books
Publication Date: April 1st, 2013 
Source: Publisher on NetGalley

First, my favorite line:

"Some nights are darker than others." (Moriarty 316)

A Corner of White is like a flower. 

Soon after starting A Corner of White, I knew it was going to be an amazing book because I was already laughing when I read the first passage about the Farms. The writing in the entire book is fabulously mixed with humor, beauty and insight. 


It has its roots in a mystical word, Cello, and our real world in Cambridge England. 

I love the names of everything in Cello. I love how similar Cello is to our world while still being unique. I love how magic is brought to our world as well. 

Like our world, Cello has inns,school and newspapers (was a giggling machine of adoration for everyone of the Princess Sister's Columns) mixed with its own unique culture of living colors and deftball.  

Magic is apparent in our world through the parking meter that allows communication between Madeleine, a lonely, flawed girl who lives with her ill mom in Cambridge, and Elliot, our brave protagonist from Cello, and Belle's (Madeleine's I guess you could say romantic rival) business with auras. 


Then A Corner of White blooms into a magical masterpiece. This book provided me insight in the world around me from the impact of colors and the power of imagination. 

Both Madeleine and Elliot were spectacular characters that I grew to love throughout the course of this story. I love how they both grew to have so much compassion by the story's end. 

My favorite insight I gained from this book was from a line Madeleine's father told her. While I dislike her father because he is a quitter,I appreciate this advice he told Madeleine, "Live for others, not just yourself." (Moriarty 245) 

Life is more then just living to accomplish my goals; it is also about living with close family and friends, being glad for their accomplishments, enjoying their company, appreciating them and so much more.   


This flower brought an ending that completely astounded me. I did not see any of the surprises coming. If the plot, writing and characters continue to terrific and unique, I cannot wait to see what occurs during the rest of the series.

A Corner of White has mystified me and, maybe, someday you will smell its sweet fragrance.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hi Everyone! 

Today I am reviewing two books I enjoyed!

Serephina by Rachel Hartman 
Publication Date: July 10th, 2012
Publisher: Random House 
Source: Library 
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Serephina is amazing!

Hartman writes with intelligent diction that leaves me with a state of euphoria! Every page is comprises of words worthy of appreciation. I can see how hard Rachel worked on creating and writing this book.

The world is well designed and imaginative. The people in Seraphina’s head were a bit confusing, but halfway through the book I fully comprehended that they were people that existed like Seraphina.  The dragons with their indifference were characterized wonderfully. I enjoyed reading the flawless placement and context of Serephina’s mother’s memories.

The characters are all amazing! Seraphina is strong. Princess Glisselda is sassy and a wonderful friend. Prince Lucien Kiggs is a wonderful strategist, the perfect match to Seraphina. Orma is an awesome and insightful dragon!

There was a brilliant clue left in this book about whom the villain dragon shape-shifted into that I completely ignored.

Definitely read Seraphina!

Things I Can't Forget by Miranda Kenneally 
Publication Date: March 1st, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Source: Barnes & Noble
Rating: 4/5 SWEET STARS 
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I really enjoyed this story of a summer love, overcoming regret and learning to understand others. Kate, with her faults in judgment and her constant thrust of her religious values, was easy to understand and watch her open her mind to new experiences.

I completely understand her thoughts of loneliness, feeling that now one remembers her from high school. Kate lost her only real friend, her best friend Emily, in an argument of mixed minds.

I personally don't feel that Kate should have regretted what she did for Emily, but I understand why. Her beliefs contrast with what she did. I am glad with what happened with Emily and Kate in the end, even though it happened abruptly. Overall, this is an enjoyable book.

Thanks for reading!