About Me


When I see something purple, it makes me smile. :)

I am an avid reader who loves reading any genres. My favorites are Paranormal, historical fiction and mysteries. I also love singing, reviewing, having fun with friends, filming and watching movies. I am a night owl so my favorite time of day is 10 pm or later.

One day I was looking through my Grandmother's old books when I found an old, worn-out volume of poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Ever since then I loved Milay's work and writing poetry.

I have a pet named Happy. She is an adorable, red labradoodble that is my constant bed companion.
I also love traveling because I love exploring new cultures, eating delicious food and walking around on a beautiful day.  So far I took part of a French Exchange Program to Tours, France. I went to the windmills in Amsterdam,  tasted the delicious pistachio gelato in Italy, white-water rafted in the beautiful streams of Slovenia and went to the amazing London Markets. Last summer I even saw Harry Potter in London.

When I have nothing to do I usually lay on my bed and read. I enjoy mostly any YA book. The only genre I dislike is non-fiction.

Three words to describe myself: Vivacious, Quiet and Friendly.

I love meeting new people and am rarely not doing anything.

My goal of this blog is to see what other bookworms think of my favorite books and future books I read. I really want to be apart of blog tours and obtain author interviews.

I went to my first book convention about a year ago and loved it!

Publishers, reviews, readers:

Can contact me at: rsblueviolet@gmail.com


  1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for the comment on my Blog! I have followed you and am excited to read more of your posts as well! :) Cool to meet someone my age, as well!

  2. Eep! I love purple. :D

    Awesome blog, new follower. :)


  3. Loooove purple!! Reason enough to follow. lol. Great blog!



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