Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feature and Follow (6)

Hi Wonderful Readers! I hope everyone had as great a week as I had.

Feature and Follow is a weekly meme hosted by AllisonCanRead and Parajunkee. It is a formidable way to make new blogger friends. Also, there are usually amazing questions to answer that is different each week.

This week question is...

Have you ever looked at a book's cover and thought, this is going to be horrible? But, was instead pleasantly surprised? Show us the Cover and tell us about the book? 

My answer is....

I always read books based on an exciting synopsis or plenty of good reviews. A cover of a book I love that I do not view highly is Stargazer by Claudia Gray. I love this amazing story set in a vampire boarding school that reflects the old rivalry between vampires and vampire hunters. The books send a chill down my spin and I adore all the characters. However, the cover is not awe inspiring or pretty. I like the attempt of an artistic self-portrait but find it a bit ugly. Well, thats my opinion of the cover. What is yours?

Friday Update:

This week I won two book awards, wrote a review on Scarlet on A.C Gaughen, celebrated the release of Rivals by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur and Balthazar by Claudia Gray, shared a Waiting on Wednesday post, visited many amazing blogs and took part in an amazing and thought provoking meme called Blogspiration hosted by Kristen at GrowingUpYA and Sarah at Saz101

What are you plans for the week? 


  1. I've never read that one, but I agree the cover is kinda tacky!

    My FF

    Old follower :)

  2. I haven't read this series yet. But I actually do like the cover, not for the creepy picture but the color and the pretty font. Old follower :)
    My Friday Hops

  3. Hopping through. I keep meaning to get to Gray's books. The covers are rather dull to me.
    My Hop

  4. I have read this book and I definately agree it's really not great but I also find it the same with the other books in this series, new follower, here's mine

  5. Hi there, Hopping through :)

    Oh I nearly chose this one as well. They seem to get worse as the series goes on. Have you seen the new one? Not great.

    I'm also your newest follower!

    Here is mine to check out:

    My Feature and Follow Friday

  6. I haven't read this series because of the covers.
    They are way too weird.

    New follower

    Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

  7. I don't think this cover is all that bad, but I'm not saying I like it either. Monochromatic covers are sort of depressing. Perhaps this is why I haven't read any books of this series yet, nor am I planning to.

    Here's my #FF .

  8. :) Just saw worse covers on my Hop!!
    *** OLD FOLLOWER***

  9. I've only read the first in the series but I'm not a fan either. I had no clue they were about vampires until finally I read the description of the books one day. Following GFC and linky.
    My FF

  10. Uh, I've heard of these books and I think I even have one in my TBR pile! The covers definitely aren't too pretty. :(

    I'm a new follower!

    Here's my FF. ♥

  11. Haven't read this book, but with you featuring it on this week's FF post it's now on my radar (even though the cover is just *blahh*).
    New follower!
    Happy Friday :-) FollowFriday

  12. A dull cover, not attractive.

  13. I don't like that cover either, could be a bit offputting.
    New follower

  14. Hiya! Great FF answer. I think that cover isn't very great either. New follower. Here's my link to my FF:

    Jessica from Booked Up! :) x

  15. Hi from a new follower! Not eye catching at all.

    I hope you can come over and join me on my blog!


  16. I totally agree on the covers. I did wish they were more drawing. Unfortunately, I found I didn't connect with the series as much as I would've liked! Thanks again for the follow, I've followed back, and I look forward to your posts!

    <3 Britta

  17. New Follower GFC! Cover isn't the prettiest thing I've ever seen good pick! My FF Link

  18. I read that series. =) I'm looking forward to Balthazar (He has always been a fave of mine). I definitely agree...the covers weren't very appealing.

    Book Lovin' Mamas

    Following Back. =)

  19. Hi, new follower here! FF


  20. I haven't read any of these, but I always put them down. The covers are just not pretty, so I totally agree on the. But, maybe I will give them a chance! Thanks for the visit and Happy Reading :D

  21. Haven't read that book yet. I'm a new follower. Thanks for stopping by my review of Antique Shop.

    My FF

  22. We had the same answer..I read the Evernight Series and love it..but I love less the
    New follower GFC Avry15


  23. Even if not amazing, I think the cover's decent. I haven't read the series (sadly) yet, but I've seen them around and the characteristic covers helped me recognize them.

    Anyways! Hahaha following you back :)



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