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The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead Review

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Source- Razorbill ARC (Thanks Razorbill!) 
Publication Date- June 12, 2012
Rating - 5/5 GOLDEN STARS!

I honestly hugged this book when I finished reading it! It was that amazing and heartwarming. The awesomeness that began at the end of Bloodlines starts immediately on the first page of The Golden Lily.

Richelle Mead is again the master of memorable scenes and addicting writing in The Golden Lily. I absolutely love how Mead planned a perfect installment to the series. She obviously has a plan for the Bloodline series where Sydney, Adrian, Jill, Eddie and Angeline will grow throughout and stand strong through grievous challenges.

I could not imagine a better cast of main characters. They are all alike in how they have strained relationship with their biological family (after all Eddie has no idea on his dad’s identity) and are all struggling to achieve their wish of true love. But different in what causes me to love to be their friend them the most.

Sydney: I love to be Sydney’s friend because she is an empathetic observer who is not afraid to stand up for what is right. Like me, she is always constantly thinking and hoping she is doing what is right.

Adrian: I would rejoice in being Adrian’s girlfriend not just because he is handsome but for his sense of hilarious humor and how fiercely loyal he is to those he cares about.

Jill: Jill because of her maturity, her drive to protect herself despite being the guarded and how she is super funny. I think I laughed the most during Jill’s lines.

Eddie: Eddie is so selfless and I adore all he does to protect his friends. He is an amazing, nice guy and an extraordinary fighter.

Angeline: Angeline starts the book clueless of normal life but quickly adapts and grows into an intelligent character that learns from her earlier mistakes. In one scene, Angeline asked the sagest question ever.

Together, Sydney, Adrian, Jill, Eddie and Angeline combine into the perfect family!

I also was completely amazed by the story. I was surprised how much Mead incorporated the struggle Sydney and Adrian have with their respective fathers. I really liked the scene with a certain father.

I completely never imagined how alike Sydney and Adrian would become. They both have fathers they strive to impress but fail and have mothers they wish to see again and love. Each scene between them demonstrated to me how they were destined to be a couple. Actually, I believe they are one of my favorite couples ever. Their love is not instant, not clear and not perfect; it is outstanding. They are true star-crossed lovers but also friends who care deeply about the others feelings and safety. I am still reminiscing the conversations between Sydney and Adrian in my mind and rushing home to grab my copy of The Golden Lily to read those scenes again.

Now for the vampire hunter sub-plot and major challenge that the marvelous Bloodline main characters overcome brilliantly. I liked how the problem caused a rift between the characters. I felt that the tricky decision many characters made provided more excitement to the story because of questionable actions.

The vampire hunters caused Sydney and to question the ideals that her family placed in her mind from a very early age. The story causes Sydney to question: Does it matter what being your friend is or what they do? What choice is most rightous: abide to responsibility or defy discrimination?

These questions can also apply to my life because I am also constantly struggling to choose the best decision for my friends, my family and myself. I want to be completely independent, but sometimes I have to acknowledge that someone else might be right. There is no obvious answer in life in how to be responsible as in there is no absolute answer who the true heroes are and the real villains. Mead’s book causing me to speculate about my life decisions again illustrates how powerful The Golden Lily really is.

I will always remember the ending of The Golden Lily as outstanding! The ending tore my heart into tiny ribbons of lilies.

This is a book I will never become tired of praising. It has my favorite characters, an exciting story and humorous, extraordinary lines. The perfect book to read over and over and over again! I will definitely remember The Golden Lily fondly in the years to come.

Go Palm Spring, slushies and surprising families!
On June 12, I urge you to rush to your local Barnes and Noble and to grab a copy of The Golden Lily!

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  1. Amazing review! I'm super excited to get my hands on this sequel to the Bloodlines series. I mean serious, Sydney and Adrian . . . they're one of a kind and who knew they were so alike . . . without even knowing it.

  2. Can I just marry this review? *O* This is, by far, the BEST review I've read of "The Golden Lily". *claps* I've felt every word you said on this review as if I had already read the book.

    Thank you SO much for reviewing the ARC. I can't wait to get the book and read it. :)

    1. You're welcome! Thank you so much for enjoying my review! Feel free to marry it!

  3. Oh my gosh, I would definitely hug this book like you did because this has to be one of the books I'm looking forward to most this year (and considering how many books I want to read, that means a lot)! x) As cute as they are together, I never really thought they'd become super-alike, so I'm curious to read about how thaey actually are :)

    AH-MAY-ZING review, Rachel! <3 This is seriously making me happier than ever -- I can't wait to read more Adrian!!! :')

    1. :) Anybook with Adrain is a must read! Thanks for liking my review Mimi!

  4. Wow, awesome review Rachel! I'm so glad you enjoyed this and I can't wait to find out more about this ending! ;) The first book wasn't brilliant for me but I've heard from a lot of people that this one is much better. :)

  5. It's clear this book resonated w/you. I liked Bloodlines, but am a big Rose/Dimitri fan. I hope to enjoy Golden Lily more. Thanks for a lovely, spoiler-free review!

    (new follower!)

  6. Amazing review! I cannot wait to read this book, especially after the way Bloodlines ended. Glad you enjoyed it :D

  7. What a fantastic review! I cannot wait for this book to come out but I've been told even our review copies won't be released until mid-June so I will have to wait patiently until then. So glad you enjoyed it!

  8. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I can't WAIT to get my hands on this book! Your review has my heart aching that I can't get my hands on it RITE NAO, but June 12th isn't that far away...right? lol Great review!

  9. Ooh, LUCKY YOU, Rachel! I really want to read this book, can't June come sooner please? x) I understand your need to hug the book when you've finished it! I always have overwhelming need to hug the book when I love it so much! Soo glad that I finally find a person who understands the need LOL! :D

    Amazing review, Rachel! I LOVE Adrian, and he might be the strongest reason I want to read this book! Isn't he the loveliest, cutest, snarkiest guy ever? ;) Your review make me dying to get my hands on this book! :)

  10. Eeeep this sounds incredible and know what? I haven't even read the first one yet *sobs* I'm definitely bumping it though bc I want to read this one! haha.



    Yeah, like I said on Twitter...WHY CAN'T IT BE JUNE ALREADY!!!???

    LOVED your review and I seriously can't wait to read this one!!

  12. I can't wait for this book to come out!

    Loved Bloodlines and am really excited to read this!

  13. good review. not a book I would of chosen but you make this one kinda interesting.

  14. Thank god I've already preordered a copy of The Golden Lily. Gosh, I MUST read it as soon as it comes out! <3

    I'm totally in love with Richelle Mead's books. They are, simply put, otherworldly. Admittedly Sydney is not Rose, but she's still so awesome and I couldn't help but fall for her, too :)

    You're so lucky to get to read it sooner! Great review :D

  15. omg, how did u manage to get an early copy????

  16. You have an awesome review!!! I love it and it made me want Golden lily even more!!!

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  18. ARGGHH!!!! You're so lucky ;) I love the review, thanks for making me even more excited!! Can't hold this in! :)

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