Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bout A Books Read-A-Thon Updates!

Hi Unforgettable Bloggers!

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

Day 1

Books Finished: 1 The Girl in the Park by Mariah Fredricks
Books Started: 1 Miss World by Randi Black
Total Pages Read: 250
Thoughts: I enjoyed reading The Girl in the Park because the mystery had many exciting twists. 

Day 2

Books Finished: 1 
Books Started: 3
I read 90 pages of Miss World by Randi Black but realized it was not a book I enjoyed reading so I stopped. I decided to add an e-book, Redheads are Souless by Heather White to my reading list so I could complete my goal of four books. Currently I am on page 41 on that book. I also read 76 pages of The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting. 
Total Pages Read since the start of the read-a-thon: 427
Thoughts: I had a slow reading day yesterday because I began a book I sadly disliked and I was busy working on other projects of mine. I did enjoy the other books I read. 

Day 3

Books Finished: 1
Books Started: 2 Storm by Brigid Kemmerer - read to page 123. Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout- read to page 236
Total Pages Read since the start of the read-a-thon: 786
Thoughts: I had so much fun re-reading Storm as I was starting my review for it. Once, I found Obsidian in my mailbox, I immediately became absorbed in its awesomeness! I love that book!

Day 4

Books Finished: 3 Finished Obsidian 80
Books continued: 1 Redheads Are Souless 20 pgs
Total Pages Read: 886 
Thoughts: I really enjoyed Obsidian! it was a great book!

Day 5

Books Finished: 3
Books Started: I was really busy so I was only able to read 60 pages of Redheads Are Souless. I spent most of my day working on my scrapbook. 
Total Pages Read: 946
Thoughts: I love reading and I hope to read more during the weekend when I am not at school. Actually, I usually read more during the weekend because I have more time. :)

Day 6

Books Finished: 4
Books Started: none
Total Pages Read: Alot, to much to count.
Thoughts: I finished re-reading the Last Echo by Kimberly Derting! I successfully read my goal of four  whole books!

Day 7

Books Finished: 4
Total Pages Read: Alot!
Thoughts: I enjoyed the Read-a-thon although I was not able to take part for most of the second half of the week. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am going to check out The Girl in the Park! I am glad you had a great first read :)

  2. Glad you had a great first read. That always helps with the progress. Good luck!

  3. I'm looking forward to your review of The Girl in the Park! Good luck with the read-a-thon!

  4. Happy Friday! Great page count so far ;)

  5. Happy reading and have a great weekend!



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