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Redheads Are Soulless By Heather M. White Blog Tour

Hi Everyone!

YAY! It is finally the release day of Redheads Are Soulless by Heather M. White!

Everyone should check it out!

I am so happy to take part in the Blog Tour for this new paranormal Young Adult book! 

Source- E-gallery
Publication Date- May 25, 2012
Rating- 3.5/5
(Cover Photo provided by GoodReads)

I always was envious of redheads and the redhead in the book Redheads Are Soulless is definitely worth the emotion of jealousy. Sofia, the main character, is a redhead who can break objects with her mind. 

For the longest time, Sofia has been burden with the misfortune of a loner status and an alcoholic mother. Then, out of the blue, Jason comes along and starts showing interest in Sofia. Jason is the good twin that Sofia should love, but instead Sofia loves his evil brother Robbie.

Redheads Are Soulless is a decent book. It has moments of humor, an exciting relationship between a daughter and mother and has a male character that I could not help adoring and having heartfelt pity.

There were scenes were I could not stop laughing. Those scenes were mostly between Sofia and Robbie. They both have a sly and engaging wit. I especially cherished the event when they relaxed at an amusement park together.

I enjoyed how the relationship between Sofia and her mother evolved throughout the novel. I liked reading about their fights and bonding moments. I liked how their realistic estrangement was explored and evolved. I could feel Sofia’s mother’s pain from her husband’s death. I sympathized with Sofia’s desire to live a life independent from caring solely for her mother and never for herself.

I absolutely fell in love with Robbie. I cared for him the moment he entered the book. He is living an existence of regret for murdering Sofia’s father and is dying to make his past mistake right. I eagerly sympathized with this tragic hero trying to become a better person. I could see his love for Sofia grow and I understand fully his drive to make their relationship never happen.

I also love the shocking nature of the final revelation. I only saw it coming because a certain character appeared suspicious to my intuition.

I sadly found some parts of the book that I did not enjoy.

I do not mind love triangles where I care about all the characters in them, but I do mind love triangles where all the members are not up to par. I really wished I was able to feel compassion for Jason, but, till the end, I felt Jason character was a bit too flat and one-dimensional. I hope the Jason I met toward the end of the novel continues till the end of the series because the new Jason is also improved and more exciting. Though I already decided that Robbie and Sofia belong together.

I also found the plot not engaging at times and a bit redundant. I felt that so much more could have been added to make this book more memorable and unique. I disliked the slow beginning and the extraneous scenes.

I wished there were more side characters for me to meet. I always live for exciting secondary characters and was disappointed with the lack of them. I really which Sofia could have reached out more to the people at her school. She could have found a friend that would have helped her deal with her relationship with her mother and her dad's untimely death. I would have loved for an addition of that type of character. 

Overall, I found Redheads Are Soulless an exciting book that resonated slightly with me but not a book that I will remember fondly for the years to come.

I will definitely check the next book when it comes out!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This book sounds really interesting Rachel, I'd never even heard of it before! And the cover is gorgeous! Sorry that some parts didn't work out for you, I think if I read this aspects of the love triangle would have frustrated me too! So thank you for the detailed and thorough review! :)

  2. This sounds really good I love that cover too! Even though it wasn't perfect I really enjoy books that can make me laugh I find they're really memorable and just plain fun! Great review, Rachel!

  3. Just an FYI, Jason and Robbie aren't redheads. Which is Why they have different powers than Sofia.

    1. Hi Heather,

      I am sorry about not looking closely enough at the character's physical descriptions.

      I just corrected my mistake.

      I hope you enjoyed the rest of the review!


  4. LOL Rachel, the title for this one is so fun! I've actually always wanted to be a redhead too, so in a world where being a redhead gives you some super-cool powers that are different from other people's? Sign me up! ;) There are so many awesome things you mentioned in your review that make me want to add this book-I've-never-heard-of-before to my TBR pile, but mostly because of those laugh-out-loud moments and the sweet mother-daughter relationship! It bothers me when adult figures are omitted from a book, so I love that this one doesn't! :)

    Absolutely amazing honest review, Rachel! It may not have been perfect, but it sure sounds enjoyable! ;) <3

  5. What a pretty cover, Rachel! I don't normally endure love triangles very well so I'm not sure if this would be for me. Great review. :)

  6. This book sounds amazing! Sofia is a redhead? Oh, WOW! Sometimes I wish I could dye my hair to red because red hair is just SO beautiful hehe! <3 I'm not usually fan of love triangle, but I'm willing to check first whether Robbie is swoonworthy enough to make me want to read it! x)

    Amazing review, Rachel! <3

  7. I've read it and I thought Robbie was indeed swoonworthy! Lol...hey Rachel I am following you through GFC as lucyatmax. Please return the follow at:

  8. Great review, Rachel. I don't think I have heard of this before, but it sounds like a decent read. Even though it wasn't perfect for you, I'm glad you still enjoyed parts. :)

  9. Ohh, I love a book that has depth, well-developed relationships and is often laugh out loud funny. The love triangle worries me a bit as I have a hard time putting up with the best of them, even those where all the characters are equal.
    VEry informative review, Rachel! Thanks. :)



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