Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Wrap-up Thon: The Flower Challenge

Happy Summer Everyone!!!

Today I am hosting a fun challenge for the Summer Wrap-Up Read-A-Thon. You can find the whole schedule for this Read-A-Thon hosted by Jude @ In-Between and Jennifer @ Some-Like-It-Paranormal here!

I have always liked flowers. They many amazing flower names and uses for flowers; from remembering love ones to gifts. For my challenge you can use any flower name and use it as the stem for an acrostic poem. I think this challenge is a great way to create a fun poem. You can complete this challenge as a blog post or in comments till the end of the read-a-thon, which is midnight, in whatever time zone you are in, on August 12th. The poem will be you describing why you like reading, blogging or any hobby you are passionate about. You can use a flower name as short as rose or as long as carnation!

Here is my home-written example! I decided to use my favorite flower name: Tulip! 
Its about why I like reading. :0

Terrifically delightful.
Unforgettable experience.
Losing myself to another world.
Intellectual morals and lessons learned.
Pleasant feeling of enjoyment. 

Thanks for participating!


  1. Hi Rachel, thanks for hosting this challenge. ;)
    I'm using the flower DAHLIA, and this poem is about my love for drawing.

    Delirium of mind

    Amazingly easy

    Hideaway from reality


    Inky fingers


  2. Geez Rachel, this is a hard challenge! I fail at poetry. FAIL. On an epic level. I took a class in college and the professor was appalled with how bad I was at writing/interpreting it. No more poetry attempts for this girl. Both you and Jen wrote awesome ones:)

    1. Thanks Jenny!!!!! I always love writing poetry. Its really fun! But I completely understand at how hard it is to interpret their messages.

  3. Beautiful poem, Rachel! Lol, I'm like Jenny. Poetry is not my thing.


    This is the poem (done by Mari!)

  5. My flower is the LILY. Here's my post:

    And here's the poem I wrote:

    Lingering amongst the bookshelves
    Imagining other worlds in my head
    Longing for that next book
    Yearning for that next love

    1. I'm really not very good with poetry, but I think this might be the best poem I have ever written! (LOL)

    2. :) Its really good!!!! So much delightful diction. I love the way you started each sentence with and 'ing word!!! Thanks for participating Christina!

    3. I didn't even notice the "ing" thing until you pointed it out!

  6. Lattes litter the little space I have

    Obstinate,obdurate,obfuscate—the words are obscure

    Time is ticking away as I am lost in thought

    Until I understand I cannot unwind

    Sleep slowly eludes me

    The message: I can't stop studying like a lotus that refuses to close at night.

    1. LOL!!!!!!! Love the message! Fantastic poem! Thanks for participating!

  7. Here is mine. Thanks for hosting this fun challenge.

  8. Great acrostic, Rachel! I don't think I have ever written a poem outside of school before. I'm sure I would suck at it though. I'm definitely not creative or artistic enough. :P

  9. Love your poem!! So cute, and your reasons are so true. I agree with Sam; I haven't written a poem in AGES and am seriously impressed!
    Thanks so much for commenting on my review; I'm so glad you liked my awful drawings, hahaha. Definitely following back! Oh, and I lovee the quote in your header. :)

  10. This was fun. Check mine out.,

  11. Hi Rachel, is there a prize to be won for this challenge?

    - Beckie

    1. No.
      But I will have a post featuring the winning poem on Monday august 13th for everyone to admire!

  12. Such a fun idea! Here is mine titled ORCHID explaining my book habits.

    Obnoxiously staring and admiring the novels on my shelves.

    Reading through the entire night till I can no longer fight off the sandman.

    Crying during sad or sappy romantic parts, because I read as if its happening to me.

    Hovering by the front door waiting for the mailman to drop off another book.

    Idiotically doing a happy dance in the library, because they got in some amazing new novels.

    Dreaming of scenes that I just read and waking up to pick up right where I left off.

  13. Hi Rachel! Thanks for the challenge. Here's my post:

    Zara Alexis @ The Bibliotaphe's Closet

  14. Here's my poem :D It was a pretty quick challenge for me, although my poem might not be the best :/ Oh well!

  15. I love roses!

    Raw emotion
    Overwhelming creatvity
    Soulful poetry
    Each line, something new.

  16. Daffodil *warning* I am terrible at poetry!

    Daily lessons
    Fondly by
    Oh! The joy
    Loving covers

  17. I picked Rose:

    Reading stimulates the brain
    Opens your mind to new possibilities
    Sends you into another world to
    Escape from reality!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

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