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Blog Tour: Glitch by Heather Anastasiu Review and Excerpt

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Today I am proud to be part of the Glitch by Heather Anastasiu Blog Tour hosted by Shane at Itching for Books. You can find the schedule with all the stops in the tour here!

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Glitch by Heather Anastasiu
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: August 7th, 2012
Source: Netgallery and St. Martin's Press- Thank you! 

I admire the general concept of Glitch by Heather Anastasiu. I always wondered what it would be like to wake up in the world where everyone is supposed to not feel emotion. To be part of a dystopia where you are not even supposed to have empathy. I cannot imagine living without bonds of friendship, occasional flashes of annoyance and moments of joy.

I enjoyed reading how Zoe learned about emotions, like love and hate, throughout the book. The beginning was very slow paced. I had a hard time diving into this story and becoming interested in Zoe's life. I enjoyed reading Zoe's struggle to not appear different, but I never go into the world. I  never grew to adore Zoe. She had spurts of personality, but I never really wanted to become her friend throughout the book. I felt she lacked spunk. 

The plot for the most part was repetitive and not much occurred during the majority of the book. There was a love triangle that I never really cared for. My ideal love triangle is one where the one in the remarkable middle’s choice is not obvious, where I grow to care about the two lovely people in the corners. Even though I know love triangles are unrealistic, if it is a superb one, I really like them. Sadly, I knew right away whom Zoe would pick and I was right. And he was remarkable and loveable. Adrien is my favorite character of the novel. He is sweet, charming and intelligent. Max, on the other hand, disgusted me.

There are two parts of the book that I really loved and had a fantastic time devouring. When Zoe and Adrien have their first real conversation about love, the truth about the evil Community, and the heartbreaking ending. I felt those parts were amazingly well written. The exciting conversation was full of passionate desire between the two and learning about Adrien’s mothers exciting history. The ending was sorrowful and impeccably well placed. I cannot imagine a better ending. Really, I just re-read the ending and I am still amazed at the perfection of this brilliant ending. The last conversation between Zoe and Max is viciously real, the confrontation with the evil villain was scary, and the last passage is full of gorgeous hope for the future. 

Overall, Glitch is a decent read. It may not be a book of epic proportions, but it is a book that I greatly enjoyed despite many drawbacks. 

Excerpt Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

The following excerpt is from one of my two favorite parts of Glitch! I really liked Zoe's reaction to hearing the common phrase "Fell in love." 

“Fell in love?” I frowned. “Love makes you fall?”

He laughed a little. He paused, looking up toward his brain, something I noticed he did when he was thinking.
“It’s just a saying. It means that two people start loving each other. I guess because it can feel really sudden and because it’s powerful. Like gravity-an unstoppable force.”
“Love is like gravity?” I was still puzzling out the concept. “It sounds violent.”
He laughed and nodded. “But in a good way.”
I was amazed I’d read so many confusing things about emotions in the history archives, but love was the most confusing of all. A thrill prickled as I realized I was actually talking to someone who’d really experience all of these confusing emotions and could help me understand.
“Have you ever fallen? In love, I mean?”
He laughed again but it sounded different, higher pitched than normal. He shifted in his seat. “I’ll get back to you on that one.”

Pg. 100 in ARC

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awwww, love the excerpt! The idea of 'falling' in love is definitely strange but beautiful at the same time ;) Glitch absolutely sounds interesting and I really like the cover! The love triangle intrigues me as well. Can't wait to get the chance to read it!

    Awesome review, Rachel and thank you for sharing the amazing excerpt with us! ♥

  2. Aww, that excerpt is my favorite part about this book too, Rachel! <3 Like you, Zoe is not my favorite heroine. And Max. *shudders* I don't like Max, and we better not talk about him. Adrien! He's very sweet charming, isn't he? Very protective and gentle. <3

    Awesome review, Rachel! Not that I expected less from you! ;) <3

  3. I cant decide if this book is for me, and your review confirms that fear a bit! I just read Under the Never Sky and LOVED it, and I don't know if Glitch is going to be as good. But that sure is a fun except! :-)

  4. Oh love triangles, I can hardly remember a time when you weren't present in young adult literature! As much as I harp on love triangles, they never fail to draw me into a story (even if the choice between the two is obvious) so I guess I can't complain too much. I was desperate to read this one before the reviews started coming out and they were somewhat subdued in their enthusiasm, so now I think I'm going to wait on it a bit. I like my protagonist's to have spunk! Thanks for the review and excerpt Rachel!

  5. I loved that quote Rachel! I've seen some bad reviews up on this and I have it myself to review so I was disappointed at having to read it. Your review gives me hope that it won't be that bad. Great review. :)

  6. Nice review. I like that scene.

    Thanks for participating.

  7. Aww, I'm sorry there were parts of it you didn't enjoy. From the reviews I've seen it looks like Zoe isn't a character you can really connect with. I completely agree with you about love triangles, I'm fine with them as long as they're well-written and not predictable. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it overall, and thanks for the excerpt! Great review, Rachel. :)

  8. Great review, Rachel! I end up liking this one too even though I had some issues with it. I really don't like the love-triangle and Max is just really strange and disturbing. The ending I think is really good. I love the part where Zoe and Adrien talked about love and feelings too. :)

    Love the excerpt! I think it's one of my favorite parts!

  9. This wasn't a book for me in the end, but I do like that excerpt you shared! Adrien was pretty likeable at times and that scene is just adorable. Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Brilliant review, Rachel! I wasn't a huge fan of this book for a number of reasons, but I'm pleased you liked Adrien. :) The other characters... not so much. Excellent points you brought up, sweetie! :)

  11. I tried to read this book few weeks ago and couldn't get through the first few chapters. To be frank, I found this book... boring. Luckily there is still many time before the release date, so I can put this back off my bookshelf for now. :D



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