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Armchair BEA: Best Books of 2012!

Hi Everyone!

I had a fantastic time yesterday reading everyone's interviews and comments on my blog! 

Today the scheduled post is, created by the Armchair BEA staff, is Best Books of 2012 
where I will share my favorite books that I read so far this year and books 
cannot wait to read that are promoted at BEA 2012! 

My Top 4: Already read!

1. The Ivy: Rivals by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur

I absolutely loved this book! Its the third book in a terrific series about a girl name Callie's first year of college! It is well-written and has outstanding characters! I cannot wait for the last book in the series, Scandal. Scandal is the book I happily keep creating ideas for late at night on what might happen. I urge you to try this unforgettable series!

You can read my detailed review of my love for this book here!
2. The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

This book is so amazing, unforgettable, fun and heartwarming. I never found a book before that I enjoyed reminiscing scenes I love as much as for this one. I absolutely enjoy each of the amazing characters (Especially Adrian and Sydney) and I am waiting impatiently for any excerpts, title reveals or cover reveals for Bloodlines 3. This is a book I feel should be remember in the years to come. 

You can check out my Golden Lily review here! 
3. As Dead As It Gets by Katie Alender

I spent a whole night loving this incredible book! There were so many passages in this story that I had to read outloud to my friends because they the elegant words, lingering lessons and thriving themes were so remarkable in this book! 

You must check out this book on GoodReads here! 
If you want to start with the first book, Bad Girls Don't Die, you can find it on GoodReads here! 

I recommend starting with the first one. 
4. Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

This book is an incredible debut because it was really well-written, has five wonderful male characters, a strong heroine and is a fun ride. I also love how the setting of this book is in my home state of Maryland. I had the pleasure of meeting Brigid a month ago and she is really friendly and awesome! This is another unforgettable book by a wonderful author! 

You can find my gushing review here!
My Top 4: Books I am sure are going to be epic!

1. Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl is a series that I grew up in. I cannot wait for its epic conclusion! 
Holly Short is my favorite badass heroine ever! 

2. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass
So many amazing reviews about this book! 
I love really liked the concept of an assassin in historical times! 

3. Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr
I loved Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series! 
I cannot wait to see what excitement her new series brings!

4. Crewel by Gennifer Albin 
It has an awesome synopsis, I love the beautiful and colorful cover, 
and I have read so many fantastic reviews on this story!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am excited for Artemis Fowl too!

  2. I'm actually reading Crewel now and it's great! It's like a WTF IS HAPPENING great! :) I'm gonna go check out Ivy I haven't heard of that one before I don't think. I really liked Storm too! The sequel is on Netgalley if you didn't see :)

  3. I like all the books on the list! You've already read The Golden Lily?! I'm like totally jealous! Great list!


  4. I am looking forward to the new Melissa Marr book, too!

  5. Oh, I can't wait for Golden Lily, haven't read it yet. Throne of Glass has a lot of hype, I received it from NetGalley just haven't had a chance to start it yet.


  6. Some good ones up there! Some I want to get to as well.

    Nice to meet you too.


  7. I cannot wait for Throne of Glass and Carnival of Souls. Both look soo good.

  8. Every time you mention something about The Golden Lily, I wish I was you so I could gush about the awesomeness of it too! x) I just pre-ordered it last night and it should arrive near the release date, so I'm crossing my fingers that it will teleport to my doorstep as soon as its available :') But I've also heard so many awesome things about Throne of Glass too, so hopefully it lives up to those shining reviews! ;)

    Another awesome armchair post, Rachel! :) <3

  9. I haven't read any of your favorites yet! But I do have Throne of Glass and Carnival of Souls on my TBR list! :)

    My Best of 2012

  10. I can't wait for Artemis Fowl also. I am curious about Carnival of Souls, since I'm finding her books to be fun, escapist reads for me

  11. Great list! Most of the ones you chose are either on my bookshelf (have read and loved), on my nightstand (waiting to be devoured), or on my TBR shelf (Why aren't there more hours in the day?).

    I hope you have a great BEA-filled week!

    ~Christina (and the other Book Hookup Litbrarians)
    The Book Hookup's Best of 2012

  12. AHHH! Artemis Fowl was my inspiration to learn when I was in elementary and middle school. I always thought I could be as intelligent as him :) I can't believe I didn't know a new book was coming out! I'm adding it to my TBR right away! Thanks for mentioning it, I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere!

    Happy BEA!

  13. You've listed a bunch of books I haven't read or heard of, apart from The Golden Lily, so I'll be checking out your recs!

  14. I just finally read Vampire Academy! I really loved it though and I can not wait to read more. I am excited to see that the new series books are loved so much! I can't wait to get to The Golden Lilly!

  15. Crewel and Carnival of Souls are two books I'm really looking forward to as well. Let's hope we aren't disappointed! ;)

  16. Ha! I've only heard of Artemis Fowl from your list. :) Happy A-BEAing!

  17. I have to agree with Crewel! It sounds OUTSTANDING!


  18. CANNOT.WAIT.FOR.GOLDEN.LILY!! Awww, a little longer :) :) And I really had a good time yesterday, too!! It was awesome! :) Hope you're having fun today! Enjoy aBEA! ;)

  19. Can you believe I've never read a Richelle Mead book? I keep hearing phenomenal things about her stuff, but I just haven't gotten there yet! I hope to soon. I also am dying to read Storm, but no one around me has the book - I'll probably break down and just order it, but I hear great things! I love the cover for Crewel too and want to read it so badly. Throne of Glass has been getting some great reviews, I have an ARC and seriously need to get on that...if there were only extra hours in the day dedicated to just books haha.

    Thanks for stopping by my post!

  20. I SO want to read both CREWEL and THRONE OF GLASS. They just, the synopsis and cover for each book have me absolutely enchanted.

    And! I have a copy of STORM sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. *eyes it longingly*

    Thank you very much for stopping by the blog, Rachel!

  21. I actually haven't heard of your favourite books except for Storm, seeing as you loved them so much I will be checking them out too! :)

  22. I cannot wait for The Golden Lily and I need to read Storm soon as well!!! But seriously. I want to read The Golden Lily sooon. Great list, Rachel x)

  23. Fantastic list! I cannot wait for Golden Lily and I have been hearing all about Storm so I am jumping on that bandwagon! I am curious about the Mellissa Marr book and Crewel as well. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I'm looking forward to Carnival of Souls too as I enjoyed the first book in the series: Graveminder. The Golden Lily was so awesome, you and I both gossiped before on it and I can't wait for #3 either, Rachel. :) I have to click on some of these other titles I'm not familiar with. The Storm series is another I want to read, with all those hot boys, how can I resist. :)

  25. Oooh, Rachel, I LOVE your excitement over Throne of Glass! I'm sure that it would be FANTASTIC too! Hopefully it won't disappoint us later! x) Crewel sounds absolutely amazing too - the cover is gorgeous!! <3

    The Golden Lily: AAAHHH! Adrian!!! *faint* Enough said. ;) <3



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