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Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg Reveiw

Hi Everyone!
I am happy to share with everyone today a review of a book that speaks directly to my soul!

Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg 
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: April 1, 2012
Source: Bought!

“A work in progress. And the possibilities are endless. (Eulberg 242)

Truly, the above statement is the theme of Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg that makes this one contemporary novel extraordinary. It is all about musically oriented students growing up during their senior year at a performing arts school. The amazing characters learn new amazing lessons each step of the way. None of them are perfect but they are each searching for an answer to the question: What should be the next step I take in my journey towards a life of promise after high school ends?

It is their senior year.  The year Carter, Sophie, Ethan and Emmie have been feeling a paradox of feelings for; they feel a rush of excitement for their future while at the same time feeling unsure of who they want to be and what direction they want to go.

This book means so much to me because next year is my senior year where I will have to discover which college I want to go to, how to best say goodbye to my high school friends and what job I want to prepare for. 

Take a Bow reveals the stress and anxiety performing arts students feel. The ins and outs of being in a band, of auditions. I am a proud member of my schools drama club where I lived through many amazing experiences acting in musicals and taking part in nerve-raking auditions. 

I completely adore Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg because it is amazing, incredible and a one-of-a-kind story of friendship and disagreements. The characters are magnificent, the distinct points of views are outstanding and the story is full drama-filled excitement!

The Characters!

Carter is my favorite because he, like me, is quiet and becomes nervous when deciding to take a new direction in life. I adore him because he is friendly and caring despite being famous. He knows that there is more to a successful life then money. All Carter wants to be is normal. I feel connected to Carter because I am also searching for happiness in my own right.

Sophie is controlling, deceitful and deserves to receive karma. I enjoyed reading her chapters because I always wanted to look into the eyes of a girl who believes fame is the answer to being triumphant. Sophie is not likable but she has a flair in her that makes her mind exciting. Surprisingly I have a small factor in common with Sophie. Like Sophie, I enjoy singing the song “Send In The Clowns” from A Little Night Music. I find it inspirational!

Ethan is an amazing imperfect character. His fatal flaw came from his nerves to be in front of a crowd. I totally understand the frustration he feels with dealing with the aftermath of his past mistakes of drinking and cheating. I admire his unwavering love for Emme and enjoy seeing how much he helped Emme throughout their senior year. He is a true friend despite his past mistakes. When he sang the sweet song he wrote for Emme, I was bursting with happiness. 

Emme is a radiant redhead who is the heart of Take A Bow. Emme is a caring friend, a passionate songwriter and is not afraid to put those who wronged her in their place. True, in the beginning of Take a Bow she completely does not realize that Sophie is a bad friend. But who wants to know that their childhood friend is a fraud. Before and during the story of Take a Bow, Emmie bravely reprimanded Ethan for his mistakes. She helped Carter be brave enough to reach his dream. She was loyal to her friends and bandmates, Jack and Ben. I am thankfully that she learns to trust that she is brilliant enough to be a songwriter.

Amazing themes!

I plan to forever embrace the following grand themes that Take a Bow embodies.

The journey and the friends who experience it with you is the most important part to a successful and happy life story.  

It does not matter where your talent lies; what matters is how you embrace it and that you believe in yourself.


The story of Take a Bow is constantly changing. Every page adds a new thought, a new remark, a new moment to reminisce. Everything in this unforgettable book is a mark of true life. 

Trust me. Take A Bow By Elizabeth Eulberg is one story that you will wish never ended. 

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Beautiful review, Rachel! It's so lovely when you find a book that really resonates with you. I hadn't been planning on picking this one up but now I'll have to! :D

  2. A truly wonderful review Rachel! I bought this book recently as I tend to love books based around music themes, but this sounds like it may be the best yet! I especially love books which pull such strong emotions from you and you get such deep connections with characters! I honestly can't wait to pick this book up! :)

  3. Oh my goodness Rache, I love this review!!! <3 I have been wanting to read this book for so long!! It seems so dramatic and lovely and amazing!! And now that you love it, I am one hundred (and ten) percent sure that I will adore it too!! And, like Jasprit, I LOVE books with Music themes, especially Music academy themes, being a piano player myself :P

    "The story of Take a Bow is constantly changing. Every page adds a new thought, a new remark, a new moment to reminisce. Everything in this unforgettable book is a mark of true life." OMG Rache, you really have a way with words!! :') I LOVE this last paragraph, it's SO beautiful, sweetie!!! Beautifully breathtaking review, Rache!! :')

  4. Great review, doll! This sounds definitely like the perfect book for you I love it when you can really relate and identify with a story like that. I've been curious about this one myself it sounds like I would enjoy it!

  5. YAY RACHEL! I loved this one too, and while I'm a long way out of high school and college, I still felt everything the characters were feeling which is a sign of a great writer I think. Couldn't agree more with you on Sophie, she definitely deserves a whole huge helping of Karma, and I was just on edge throughout waiting for her to get it. Absolutely lovely review:)

  6. Ohhh, no less then four intriguing characters make this book something I want to explore as soon as possible. Emme more than anyone sounds like a character I'd love to meet. I love your enthusiasm about this one, Rachel, I am totally convinced. :)

    1. Oh, and if you love music-themed books, have you tried Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez? It is wonderful.

  7. The sheer number of positive (and mainly 5-star) reviews I have seen for this book are convincing me I need to get round to this ASAP. I'm so glad you liked it, Rachel! The way you describe the characters makes me want to meet them soon. I feel like I might be able to relate to Carter too. :)

  8. What a stunning review! I a certain that when you embark on your senior year you will excel and find your way. This sounds like a fantastic book with memorable characters and wonderful themes.
    I will definitley check it out!

  9. Wonderful review! I love books that deal with theater and/or music, so this sounds like a good one to check out. I'm going into my last year of college...so I think I could relate to a lot of these themes, like you, as well. That's always a plus when reading!


  10. Lovely review Rachel. This sounds a bit like that move Center Stage, which I really enjoyed. With your background I can see why this story would speak to you. :)

  11. I can tell just how much you loved this, Rach! It was a really great review and you have definitely made me want to read this!

  12. Great review, sounds like a wonderful book. Love the cover!

  13. Fabulous review, Rachel! I have this copy of the book waiting for me to read it, and now I can't wait to pick it! <3 I think I'm going to like all the characters, even Sophie! It's awesome that this book seems to speak to your heart - when I was close to graduating high school, I also thought that the books about senior year spoke to me so well hehe! x)

  14. Those are 5 bright & DESERVING purple stars, Rachel!! I loved this book so much and I'm even happier that you loved it just as much as I did! I love how we're both Carter fans, but the rest of the characters were still an amazing piece of the ensemble, and I'm glad that you took the time to mention all of them -- even Sophie! ;)

    What a beautiful review, Rachel! And I loved the way you referenced that quote -- MLA format? Totally LOL! x) <3

  15. lovly review rachel
    after i read virtuosity
    this book has been on my wishlist
    contemp rocks
    sounds like a breath of fresh air

  16. Oh, finding those books that speak to your soul is the main reason why I read so voraciously! It's truly fabulous when that happens! Glad to hear that you enjoyed Take a Bow so much. I honestly hadn't paid much attention to it until now, but maybe I'll have to give it a shot!

    1. By the way...I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE Edna St. Vincent Millay. And the quote you put at the top of your blog is one of my all time favorites! :)

    2. Thank you Natalie! Edna is my favorite poet! :)

  17. I've seen so many great reviews for this book! I need to get my hands on this one... soon... I'm kind of broke at the minute, haha!

    Thanks for the review!

    Skyway Avenue Reads

  18. Great review! Sounds like a great novel! Even though I don't enjoy contemporary novels that much, I think I should give this one a chance :)

    Rachel @ Books to Consider

  19. I am so glad this book meant so much to you! I do love books with music and great characters so I will definitely be picking up a copy of this one at some point. Great review! :)



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