Friday, June 8, 2012

ArchairBEA- The Future of Book Blogging

Hi Everyone!
Design Credit to Emily from Emily's Reading Room

Today I sharing my plans for the future and burning questions I would love more experienced book bloggers to answer. 

Sizzling Future Plans!

I want to branch more into the community for casual talks on twitter. I want to create a blogging event and more fun discussion posts. Since I am more of a spur of the moment idea-maker, I will not list many bursting ideas today. Mostly I just want to be happy and feel relaxed when I talk to the blogging community, comment on blogs and create my posts. I desire more days of laughing happily at comments, writing reviews with excitement and chatting on Goodreads and Twitter.

My Radiating Tips!
  1. Make Blogging Friends.
  2. Comment on blog reviews and posts you enjoy.
  3. Chat on the amazing websites of GoodReads and Twitter.
  4. Write reviews and create discussion posts that you care about.
  5. Be nice and considerate.
  6. Do not be afraid to make mistakes! If you make a mistake admit it and learn from it. 
  7. Have Fun!
Sparkling questions of mine! 

How can I create a beautiful button and header image?
What is the best way to ask a fellow blogger if its alright to trade or borrow a book they own?
What constructive criticism would you like to give me to make my blog better? 

A steaming question you might have: Why an I using many adjectives related to fire? 
Because I read an amazing book this week called Spark by Brigid Kemmerer. I urge everyone in ArmchairBEA to check out and buy this amazing book in August when it comes out!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love your future plans for blogging, and they're definitely awesome ones. :)

    Personally, to design things I just use I downloaded the newest version, and then I downloaded various addition packs that are available in their forums. The forums even let you know how to install them. With the add-ons you get way more features, like bubble letters and slanted writing, and you can make more shapes, like stars. :) There are tonnes more, I even have one to make a background look like lightning! It's really awesome, and it's completely free, which was great for me since I'm a poor University student and can't really justify purchasing photoshop just for my blog. :P You could even get someone to design it for you if you wouldn't mind paying for it. I was going to do that, but never got a reply back from the designer, so I just made my own. :)

    I've only traded books once, and it was with my friend, Zoƫ. First, I paid for shipping and she sent me some arcs. Then, we figured out we were close enough that I could drive to her place, so I took a road trip with my friend and we did a big exchange of books. I've never done any beyond that, but you could look for groups on Goodreads, or post on Twitter about it. If you already have a blogger in mind, I'd just email them and see if they were interested, or if they knew anyone who was maybe. :)

    Constructive criticism. Hmm, well I noticed that the buttons in your sidebar are pretty big, so I'd just suggest resizing them using html to make them fit better, and maybe centering them too, which is really easy to do, you just put center at the beginning and end with the stand start and end codes for html. And, you can adjust the size just by adding width="??" and put whatever width you want where the question marks are and you just put it within the a href code. :) A fresh look would be great, especially since it sounds like you want one already. ;) You might want to move your "about me" section to the top of the one sidebar, that way people can find out about your by scrolling to the top, which is where you can usually find that bit. :) And my last bit of advice, if you have twitter, goodreads, or any other profile, you could leave a button with a link to them in the sidebar, that way people can find you on the profiles if they want to. :) And that's all the little bits I've got. There isn't anything huge that I think you need to change, but those are just a few suggestions that you might like. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my aBEA post today. :) If you don't know what I mean about the codes, and need me to clarify, feel free to email me. I don't know a tonne about html, but I do know some basics and would be happy to share. :)

  2. I like your goals too!! Mine is to comment on more blogs and I'm already commenting back to everyone that leaves ME a comment, which I love doing and it keeps me in touch with more bloggers that way. :)


  3. Hi Rachel, fun post! I can't give much help on the banner button thing because I hired mine. The thing I like about your blog is that it is neat and clean. Too much clutter makes it hard to find things. I would suggest perhaps you get some follow buttons for twitter, FB and such and also an email. I can't tell you how often I have to hunt for email addresses and if I can't find it, publishers won't take the time to look like I do. As far as an event goes, plan early.

  4. Yay for blogging friends! I know when I first started I was a little terrified of Twitter. I was scared I'd tweet someone and they'd be like "why are you talking to me?" but that didn't happen and I met so many new bloggers and authors that way.

    And I think if you are interested in a book trade or borrow, just ask. Nothing wrong with that. If they're not interested, they certainly won't think less of you for asking! Hope you have a fantastic weekend Rachel!

  5. I love Goodreads! I think that's where we met, right? And it would've been terrible if we didn't become friends, Rachel! x) *hugs* At first I thought it was so intimidating and scary because many of the first reviews were all ranting ones, but it's actually filled with so many awesome readers and you get to see how many books you have in common too! :)

    I'm still working on the whole blog design thing so I'm sorry I can't help out there haha x) But for blog buttons, I just usually find a cool picture I like and edit it to say my name using online editors like Piknik or Pizap. I know some awesome people who can make gorgeous blog headers and such for decent prices too, if you want! ;)

    I love this post, Rachel! I think we learn more about awesome blogging every day, and I still have miles to go :') Have a wonderful weekend! <3

  6. I love this post Rachel! Yes I love making blogging friends too! I've made so many awesome ones already in such a short space of time! I feel like somethings missing if I don't go and check everyones blogs atleast everyday! I love reading reviews and getting more recommendations! However I find that I'm always double checking my posts before I post them I really should just relax and not over worry about making typos! Btw I got Spark too!! Woo hoo! I will be devouring the first two books and the prequel soon! And would you look at that I've written a full blown essay already! Have a fab weekend Rachel! :)

  7. Great goals! I think owning up to mistakes is great. It takes a lot less effort than fighting it.

  8. My beautiful Rachel! I always have fun while reading your posts :) And this post is pretty amazing!

    Tips - ok, for the header - use photoshop. I use photoshop elemental and it's really cool. And it's NOT that difficult as it sounds. I did mine with the help of this tutorial -
    But this one has more options depends on what you want and it looks cool :)

    As for the button - I did my in the paint program :P :P I've found a perfect pic and I've put blog name on it :P Was pretty easy. Finding the perfect pic wasn't that easy :P :P

  9. Your future sounds like a whole pile of fun! Hehe.

    And nice sound advice you have there! :D

    1) I made my graphics with photoshop but I know not everyone has this program or one like it - let alone know how to use it - and if that's the case for you, there are many graphic forums out there which allow you to request amazing graphic designers to help you out for FREE - so long as you credit, of course! :D

    2) I've never done it myself but I guess just *cough* asking. Something like "Oh, I see's here you posted an awesome review of said book and I'd love to read it and you NEED to read this book I read, wanna trade?"
    *shrugs* but really I don't know.

    3) None? I Love it! xD
    No, seriously. I mean, a header would be good but you've already asked about that so you know… DONE. xD

    ALSO. EEEE. I'm CURRENTLY reading Storm xDD LOVE IT. <33

  10. 1. You should maybe think about checking out Etsy for some reasonably priced products

    2. I would think that a quick email would be the best way. Even if they're not receptive I don't see the harm.

    3. This is my first visit to your blog, but so far so good :) I think it's great.

  11. Ooh I loved Spark! For the banner/button if you can't do it yourself with photoshop I recommend Parajunkee she's amazing at that and super talented. You can always ask a blogger by a quick email but seeing as our blog designs all reflect our individuality I wouldn't expect a yes though, but never know. :)

  12. For the header, go to google's advanced search and look for photos that allow reuse with changes; then use a photo editing program to add your title--or just allow blogger to put the title behind the photo. As far as what photo editing program, there are several free ones out there.

    Another tact is to go to Cutest Blogs on the Block and get one of their pre-made headers and insert your own photo. Just keep your eyes open. If you see a blog that you like, look at it carefully. How is it different from yours? For example, if you compare our blogs (and I don't claim to be a design expert)you'll see that we use the same template--so how are they different? Well, I have a photo in my header, so if you like that, go find one of your own. I use a different color scheme--so go play with yours if you aren't happy. I test blog is the best place to try out all these tricks until you get them right.

  13. Awesome post!! Wow, I am still kind of clueless as to some of the questions that you asked, but I'll try my best to answer some!! :)

    As for the button/header, there is a really great website called PicNik, which is for free and allows you to kind of create and edit and add cool features to pictures, such as text, etc. It's a free version of PhotoShop.

    If you see a blog that you like, if it is designed by someone in particular, then chances are that it'll say who at the bottom of the page. There are SO many blogs that have free templates/headers, but I don't really like to use them as I want my blog to be one of a kind. :D

    Good luck, Rachel sweets!! <3 ILY blog, so I actually would't change a thing if I were you!! <3

  14. Blogging friends are priceless! They can be slow to cultivate, though, I admit.

    If you have the time, I’d love to hear from you at my intro armchair BEA post.



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