Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feature and Follow (11) TGIF (1)

Happy friday everyone! 
I hope everyone had a wonderful week.

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This weeks question is:  Have you ever had a character that disappointed you? One that you fell in love with and then "broke-up" with later on in either the series or stand-alone book? 

My answer: There is a series that I love called The Ivy Series by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur. I love how this series is written terrifically, has wonderful complex characters and is a very plot-drivened, drama-filled book. 
During the third book of the series, Rivals, a character in this series named Clint, makes a decision that I am completely against. This is series that I do not want to spoil so I will not say exactly what he did. Until this certain decision I found him all-in-all a great guy. He appeared nice, intelligent and swoon-worthy. Then, I became disappointed in his decision in Rivals. Now I cannot no longer see him in a positive light. 

You can add incredible book The Ivy by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur to your TBR list on GoodReads here! 

TGIF is a friday meme hosted by Ginger at GReads for bloggers to re-cap their week and to connect with bloggers through a question created by Ginger. This is my first time taking part of this wonderful meme! 

This week question Ginger asks: Reading Blues: We all get them from time to time. What helps you overcome those reading slumps when nothing seems to grab your attention?

My Answer: Well typically when i have trouble reading I tend to stop reading for awhile. I usually do active activities like walking my dog, hanging out with a friend or singing a song. I think singing is what works the best for me because I feel refreshed every time I sing.  When I am feeling too tired during a reading slump I usually would just go to sleep. Usually my reading slumps happen only for a few hours.

Weekly Round Up!

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  1. Now I'm kind of curious about what decision the character made that would make you dislike them.

  2. Never heard of The Ivy before! I look forward to checking them out. New follower! My Follow

  3. I have not read The Ivy series before but I'll definitely add it to my TBR list! Check out my answer to this weeks question I'm a new follower by the way! :)

  4. I'm pretty sure The Ivy is on my tbr list! And I'm like you; my reading slumps don't tend to last very long thank goodness!

    New follower :) Have a great weekend!

  5. I've never read this series :( Sad that you have broken up!

    Happy Follow Friday!

  6. I've read a ton of books before that have had characters that disappointed me too, and it always sucks when we do find them! It doesn't matter if it's the main heroine or the heroine's best friend -- characters are the biggest factor for me that draws a line between a good book and a great one, so I always hope for awesomeness! x)

    Awesome answer this week, Rachel! :) <3

  7. I hate bad decisions. Great answer, although... what decision was it, hey?!

    TGIF answer is fun, too. I keep fun books just in case I hit a slump. "hours" is great!

    -Burgandy Ice

  8. You have me curious :) I am going to have to add this series to my TBR pile.

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend, Sharon

  9. Hopping through. I'm curious about The Ivy series. It sounds fun for the most part.
    My Hop

  10. Ohh I wish my reading slumps were only hours! I don't hit them often, but when I do, they're...extensive haha. (Which means a week, but you're a reader, you know how long that feels!) I'm like that too, I just step away from the book/reading and do something completely different -- usually that takes me out of the slump and I'm ready to come back.

    Happy friday!
    My TGIF | Giveaway

  11. Old follower hopping through. I like the singing-thing. I think my mom wouldn't like it as much, but I'll do that next time I'm feeling the Reading Blues coming. *g*

    Patricia // My Hop

  12. I've never heard of The Ivy Series but I'll check it out on goodreads.

    I'm jealous that your reading slumps only last for a couple hours! I've had a few that have last for a couple weeks and I just couldn't find anything to make me happy.

    New follower :)

  13. Thanks for following me, here is your comment & follow back! :-)

  14. My reading slumps can last a few days, but like you said, stepping away is sometimes best, and not stressing it. Then I pick up something light & fun.

  15. Thanks for the post. I've never read this series. Maybe I'll check it out and keep an eye out for what he does in book 3!
    My FF Post

    And don't forget to enter to win a Kindle Fire. The LPP Kindle Fire giveaway ends Monday April 30th!

  16. Totally agree on the "taking some me time" front. Sometimes that's all it takes! Reading slumps totally suck, though. I get so depressed.

  17. Sometimes a character makes a horrible decision! That's what happened to me and I featured him in My FF!
    I'm following GFC and linky.

  18. Never read this series, have a great week-end.

  19. The Ivy! One of my worst cases of cover crush ever ;)

    New GFC follower. Here's my FF

  20. This looks like a good series! Thanks for stopping by!

  21. those are great ideas to cure a reading slump!

    I'm a new follower!
    In the Hammock Blog

  22. Wow that sounds good, though I haven't read it yet. New follower via GFC! Love your background!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  23. {new follower here}

    I have not read that series. Thank you for sharing.


  24. I haven't read the books too but I've heard of The Rivals series! (Which I really need to read soon!)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, Rachel! I'm now a new follower too :)

  25. I haven't read that series yet. :(

    I've seen taking a break from reading around a lot this week. I think that's a wonderful idea that many seem to use. Just take a break from reading for a bit... we always come back to books. :)

    New follower :)

    Lisa @ Lost in Literature
    My TGIF



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