Monday, February 27, 2012

The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty

When Penpals turn deadly! Is the basic and wonderful premise of this book. 

Before I read this book, I never read a book written in letter format. The letter format was a wonderful choice because it is engaging, fun to read and created an authentic pen pal plot. This was also the first book I read by an Australian writer. I had a chance to learn about the culture of Australia in this book. As a traveler and history lover, one of my favorite things is discovering new cultures. 

My favorite characters, Lydia and Sebastian, have different personalities from me but I enjoy their quirks and hilarious nature. There "spy missions" are amazing disguises for dates. There outgoing nature and thought provoking letters are fantastic to read. 

The first letter exchange between Emily and Charlie reminded me about how hard it is to write informally. Cassie's troubles with Matthew Dunlup are devastating and Matthew is for sure a horrible person. Emily, Lydia and Cassie's revenge was perfect and fun to read. The way Moriarty staged when events were revealed was magnificent. She told secrets and events at perfect intervals. 

This book stands out as memorable for its unique writing format, the brilliant and realistic bestfriendship between the girls and how it does not contain a single boring moment. 



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  2. I definitely enjoyed the clever writing and 3-dimensional characters, but, as a middle school teacher looking for new books to recommend, I have to pass on this one, due to too much profanity and sexual references.



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