Saturday, February 4, 2012

Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard

I am extremely happy today! There are only two more days till the third book in the Lying Game series arrives in stores!

Synopsis Thats Chilling:

One day, Emma was living her normal life as a foster kid. The next she finds out she has a dead identical twin sister named Sutton and that she has to pretend to be Sutton or she will be killed next. In this book, she struggles with falling in love with the only person who knows her secret, two devious twins and desperately tries to find her sister's killer.

Review Thats Bursting:

In the excitement for the next book in the Lying Game series, I decided to re-read this book. Someone pretending to be someone else is pretty much a plot device that makes me want to buy a book. During the last year, I read many other books with this type of plot turner. But this is for sure the best! I will read any books that contains this plot turner because I always love discovering how the characters in these books try to act like someone else. I love reading their funny mistakes and struggling with them to discover who they are playing really is in this type of plot.

Emma and Sutton are dimensional and intriguing characters. Emma is so lovable, funny and creative. What she accomplishes in this book is amazing. I highly doubt I would be able to pretend to be someone else as well as she. She is very caring and smart. I love how much Sutton has changed since she was alive and how well she is learning.

At first, the narrative style of this novel was confusing, but after reading two books I am starting to get use to it. This book is in the first person point of view of the dead girl, Sutton, and the third person view of Emma. Sara Shepard is a fabulous writer. She obviously has been writing for years because her writing is intelligent and cohesive. I love how each chapter only shows the important events and skips through gratuitous chatter. This book is a page turner that I enjoy because the story is constantly changing while new mysterious are unearthed and old ones are solved. I can't wait to find out what really happened between Thayer and Sutton before he ran away.

There is only one reason why this book is not perfect. The side characters are pretty flat. Madeline, Charlotte and the Twitter Twins do have intriguing and influential back stories but have no personality besides fitting stereotypes so far. Hopefully that will change in the next few books.

Overall, I am excited for the next book, Two Truths and A Lie, coming out on Tuesday. I can't wait to find out more about Sutton's and Thayer's history.


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