Sunday, December 9, 2012

Showcase Sunday 7!

Happy Sunday!
Happy Hanukkah Leanne and my other fellow Jews! 
Lets celebrate the Maccabees, the miracle of oil and, of course, presents!

Design Credit: The awesome and hilarious Mimi Valentine
Oh, how much I miss Mimi.

Showcase Sunday is a weekly book haul hosted by the wonderful Vicky @ Books Biscuits and Tea. This week I am celebrating obtaining the following fantastic books! 


The Lucky Ones by Anna Godberson
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Oh, how much I adore this book! I read it all Friday night and it was an amazing experience. Thom Hale- how I love him. I am so glad he had a chance to clear the air with Cordelia about what happened in the first book. That was definitely my favorite scene of The Lucky Ones.

 Cordelia- how brave. Astrid- how spirited. Letty- how vibrant.
This Bright Young Thing series is one NOT to be missed! Especially if you love the 1920s too!
I hope to remain "Forever afloat." (Godberson 373)
Like the line above, the writing in this book is brilliant!

I won this book by participating in an amazing tea time chat hosted by the ladies behind EpicReads. This chat was on Wednesday November 28th when they were celebrating the release of The Lucky Ones by Anna Godberson through "Flapper Time." Tea Time is a fantastic way to enjoy your Wednesday afternoon listening to these two discuss books! 
I hope I have time to participate again this coming Wednesday. 
New chats happen every Wednesday afternoon.
Check out the witty video here!
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Burned by Sara Shepard
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After years of waiting (okay, actually six months), Burned by Sara Shepard finally was released this Tuesday! It was a fun book! I am so glad Naomi was finally presented as a three-dimesional character. Every scene with her was spectacular and I hope she appears on many of the pages of Crushed and Pretty Little Liars 14. Also, Noel and Aria somehow became even more adorable and loveable. The scene where Noel teaches Aria how to swim is spectacular! Again, I hope he is a prominent character in the last two Pretty Little Liars books. Team Noel!

Thanks for reading!
What did you receive this week?


  1. I miss Mimi terribly. I do hope we hear something from her soon. :(

    Anyway, these two sound like great books! The Lucky Ones I only recently discovered but I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. :)

  2. Yeah, I also miss Mimi. I hope everything is alright with her and that she will let us know something soon..

    Congrats on winning. It's always awesome to receive a free book and I'm happy you liked it so much!


  3. Great books! I have only read the first PLL book so I really need to read Burned. The Lucky Ones looks great too. Happy reading :)
    My SS:

  4. Congratulations on your win Rachel! I know you're a big fan of Sara Shepherd's book, so I'm happy that you enjoyed it! Look forward to reading your reviews on both books soon! :)

  5. Ever since hearing all the gushing praise for The Diviners (even though I haven't read it yet, BAD BRODIE), I've been getting the feel for some 1920's novels. So, Bright Young Things series definitely needs to go on my list! I actually have the.... second book? I think? I don't remember what it's called, but it's in my neverending pile of books to sort through! haha. Your enthusiasm definitely excites me :D So lucky on your win!

    Also: Mimi :(

  6. I miss Mimi too :(

    I haven't read the PLL series but Sara had a standalone novel last year I think which I quite enjoyed. Her writing was great so I might have to check these out. :) What a great haul! So happy you enjoyed them! x

  7. These both look good--I haven't read any Godberson yet, but I hear good things. Congrats on winning that book!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden



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