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Guest Post: Welcome Faye!

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a fun week! 
The new Pretty Little Liars book came out this week and I am already happily reading it! Its fabulous!
 Today, I am glad to host my first guest post. 
 Please welcome Faye from A Daydreamer's Thoughts!
She is sharing ten of her favorite book couples.
I always have enjoyed reading her blogspirations and reviews. She is a fantastic blogger and person. 

Happy reading!
Now on to Faye!

So, I would like to start this post by thanking Rachel for being kind enough to host me today. She is such an amazing blogger and it is an honour to be here. Today I have written a list of ten amazing book couples that I read about this year and instantly loved. They’re not my ultimate favourites because I could never actually choose, but they’re just some that I really enjoyed reading about and would read again in a heartbeat!

These are really in no particular order at all, they’re just in the order I thought about them.

Tris and Four
Divergent was one of the first books I read in January and I managed to finish the book in under two days – and I’m a slow reader – and a large reason for this was how enraptured I was by Tris and Four. I loved their chemistry, and I just felt that they were perfect for each other. Tris with her stubborn ways and Four for his admiration of it, yet he was also wary of it and wanted to warn her. He was so taken by her and I just found my heart thumping whenever they were together. Their relationship definitely gives me hope.

Jake and Harper
Saving June is one of those books that I read and instantly went into my top ten books of the year. It was absolutely amazing, with some many things to keep you going and wanting more. But it was Jake and Harper that really drew me into the story. They were the kind of couple who were never going to be together at the beginning. They had a dusty start, but then their friendship started to appear and before long, you could tell that there was something hiding just underneath it all and I absolutely loved that.

Megan and Ash
The Iron Fey series may not be my favourite series of all time but there is no denying how much I love Megan and Ash as a couple. Megan can be a slightly annoying character at times but with Ash’s winter “coldness”, he is stubborn but he also loves fully and he truly loves Megan. Their love wasn’t the kind that just blossomed from nothing, they were enemies, but they fought with each other to keep each other safe and then the emotions just followed. I love them together and I love their relationship as well, they’re just the perfect pair!

Macy and Wes
The Truth About Forever was my first Sarah Dessen novel and I can only really say that this book blew me away. I loved the raw emotion of it, I loved how powerful it was and I can just tell that she has a complete and utter way with words. But on top of it all, I loved Macy and Wes with a fiery passion. I wanted them to fall for each other as soon as he entered onto the page. He was so amazing and inspiring, everything that Macy needed most. I loved witnessing their relationship grow and by the end of the book, I was so madly in love with them both that I wished they were real so I could hug them and congratulate them and love them all over again!

Katniss andPeeta (I technically read this in 2011, shhh)
The Hunger Games has hit the movies, but I adored this couple in the books before it hit the screens. I loved how in the books you could tell how Katniss felt about Peeta even when she didn’t. I loved how you could feel how much he loved her when she couldn’t quite realise that he was being truthful. The way this relationship came about, the way it all came together truly made my heart beat a little faster in my chest. I adored them so much. They went through quite a bit during the trilogy but they will always be a couple I admire.

Chelsea and Sam
Speechless instantly became one of my favourite contemporaries of all time. Or it definitely went straight into that top ten list. It was so powerful, amazing and the entire book rendered me speechless. The relationship between Chelsea and Sam was so real. It didn’t happen straight away. Sam was wary of her to begin with, warned her to treat his friends with respect. Then a friendship came about between them, until they were spending a lot of time together and then, just as it would in real life, a relationship followed. It was so full of emotion and it was powerful and they were so right for each other. Sam helped Chelsea but Chelsea helped Sam and together they are so strong and amazing, it is impossible not to root for them.

Rachel and Logan
Defiance is a magnificent read but what I truly loved about this book was not just the dual narrative of these two amazing characters but their journey together. It was a rocky relationship for them. Rachel had admitted to liking Logan when she was fifteen and he had turned her down. They didn’t trust each other, they were afraid to admit that they even liked each other. But the emotions they felt were so real and raw and you could really feel them. You could see what Logan saw in Rachel, could feel his passion towards her and Rachel the same to Logan. A well-written couple that I can’t wait to read more of.

Cas and Anna
I have only just recently finished Anna Dressed In Blood, but I cannot deny the power that these two characters had over me. Their connection was so static. It was a sort of forbidden love and yet they couldn’t help but feel the emotions pulling their lives together. Something was showing that there was so much more between them then even they understand. I loved the way this all came about, and I just found the entire dynamics of this relationship to be very interesting and intriguing.

Seraphina and Prince Lucian
Now this a fairly odd couple because they’re not actually together! These two just have this amazing friendship that I admired so much and could not, not mention. Because, of course, their friendship is laced with all that sexual tension and it is so amazing. They both get affected as though they were in a relationship, they talk as though they are, argue as though they are and it made my bones chill as I read it. This is a couple that in one respect I wish were together but in another, wish that they never do become one. It was a brilliantly written relationship.

Moth and Jace
Falling To Ash is a book that I truly enjoyed. It was different, inspired and completely compelling. And the forbidden love between Moth and Jace was so gut-wrenching and heart-pounding at the same time. You wanted them to be able to work passed it all, but at the same time knew it would be impossible. I loved how they played on each other, sarcasm in full throttle and were just able to be themselves around one another. They were true and fun to read about and I totally wish they somehow manage to get passed the “forbidden” part.
So there we have it! And what a list! I hope that I may have opened your eyes up to some new and inspiring couples so that you can go and divulge into these beautiful relationships, I mean, *cough* BOOKS.

But what about you? What couples do you love with a passion unlike any you have ever known?

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  1. Great post Faye!! I agree with you in so many ways! Havent read some of the books above, but I LOVE the couples from "Saving June"! Probably the best from all of the ones mentioned! Thanks for sharing!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

    1. Thanks Farah! Yay for Jake & Harper! *does a little dance*

  2. Ohh! I forgot Chris&Becca and Gabriel&Layne from The Elemental series! I feel horrid now.
    These guys are the ULTIMATE couples <3

  3. Great post! One of the 2012 couples I liked the most was from Every Day by David Levithan. A and Rhiannon. The whole thing still makes tears come to my eyes!

    1. I have yet to read that one but it is on my wish list! Glad to hear it has an awesome couple in it too! :D

  4. Brilliant post, Faye! I really enjoyed many of those books too, especially Saving June, Divergent and Speechless. :-)

  5. Oh Faye this is a brilliant post and well done for just sticking to 10 couples I know for sure I would find this excruciatingly difficult! I have to agree, Tris and Four, Rachel and Logan, Seraphina and Prince Lucian and Moth and Jace would make it to my list too! :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Jasprit! It was incredibly difficult, and I realised after I missed some great ones! But yay for liking some of the most awesome couples! :D

  6. Great post, Faye! Most of the books you shared are my favorites too! Divergent, Speechless, Saving June, Defiance and, God, The Iron King, yes! I cried over that one. Haha! :D

    1. Thank you Eunice! Glad to hear we have some familiar choices in books! And ooh my <3 :D

  7. I love Ash and Meghan too! and Tris and Four! Chelsea and Sam- ahhh!!!! Thanks so much for creating such a good guest post!

    1. Thank YOU for hosting me! Glad you enjoyed the post! :-)

  8. Oh I love a lot of these couples from: Divergent, Saving June, Defiance and The Truth About Forever! Great choices Faye. :)

  9. I love this post, Faye! Divergent was absolute fuuuuun, and Hannah Harrington is one of my favourite contemporary writers. :) I was also a huge fan of Seraphina, and The Hunger Games of course. :) All of them featured the best dynamic relationships and most lovable characters.

    1. Thanks Leanne! Glad you agree! :D There are so many amazing couples out there, eh? :D



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