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Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer Review

Good Day! Today is a very important day. Today is the release of the last Artemis Fowl book ever! Today millions of my fellow Artemis Fowl Fans are running to buy Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer. Soon, I will be among them! 

In honor of this amazing day, I will review the Artemis Fowl book that I read the most number of times. I read Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer about thirty-five times. 

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2004 (For my additon)
Source: My sister Rebecca's bookshelf
Rating: 5/5 STARS!
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The following review will use a lot of persuasive methodology 
to convince you to read the Artemis Fowl series
 (or at least the certain book this review is about). 

Many years ago - 2008 to be exact - I found a certain book in my sister's bookshelf. I had just finished the brilliant fourth book of the Artemis Fowl Series and wanted to read the earlier books. I decided to read second book of the series, The Arctic Incident because I really wanted to learn about the references to the past Holly and the other characters made in the unforgettable fourth book. 

I was pleasantly greeted with an awesome story. As soon as I read the first page, I could not stop reading, could not stop enjoying the story. The second book was completely addicting. It was as enthralling and complex as the fourth book!

I cannot imagine a world where I never read this book. Where I never experienced a story with a well-developed world of fairies, hilarious quotes and remarkable character development.

Anti-heroes are my favorite character type. I enjoy seeing them struggle with their internal demons to make choices that benefit more than there own greed. Artemis Fowl is a complex and wonderful anti-hero. I am amazing at how much he grows throughout this novel. In the beginning, he lacks the ability to respect other people and the drive to save other human beings. I adore reading this book as he stays an anti-hero but has certain moments of humane beliefs. It is heartbreaking to me that he had to live two years without his father. His caring nature of love for his father is lovely. Also, he is truly portrayed as a genius because all his manner of speaking, execution of plans and his understanding of complex realities.  

The other characters are equally incredible and I wish they were real and could counter every villainous plot. Commander Root remarks the wittiest lines and despite his high rank, he is unafraid to take part of a mission. Foaly is ability to not be frightened during a terrifying life position needs to be respected.

Artemis Fowl may be a male dominated series, but the female characters are so fierce and strong that they bring life to the story. 

I will always shiver at the creative way the genius villainess Opal Koboi was described when she was introduced. “ In fact, her father, Ferall Koboi’s dream daughter would have been moderately intelligent, quite pretty, and of course, complacent. … Opal grew to be precocious, headstrong, and beautiful – a dangerous combination.” (Colfer 72)

I find Opal a wonderfully complex villainess that has plans that are undeniably genius. It is no secret that Opal only appears in the even number books of the Artemis Fowl series because she is even smarter then Artemis Fowl. Opal is definitely the perfect villain for Artemis to fight against.

The intelligent heroine Captain Holly Short is described as “extremely pretty in a dangerous sort of way. Black-soidow pretty.” (Colfer 214) and she sure is.

At the beginning of this brilliant book, Holly hates Artemis because he kidnapped him. The moments where she does hilarious slapsticks on Artemis are the perfect pay back. I love how her change in viewpoints from disgust to respect for Artemis was gradual and realistic. Also, the banter Holly has with Root and Artemis is hilarious!

Overall, The Arctic Incident is an epic book in an epic series that you need to read. If you do not you will regret it. Especially since all eight books are now all out.

Epic quotes that will sure convince you futher to read The Arctic Incident!

Holly’s change in feelings towards Artemis is fantastically written.

“In spite of herself, Holly was touched by his unwillingness to give up, against all the odds. She was certain that, for once, Artemis wasn’t trying to manipulate anybody. He was simply a boy who missed his father. Maybe her defenses were down, but she felt sorry for him.” (Colfer 169)

Proof Foaly should be praised for his unwillingness to give up and ability to joke in grave circumstances. Isn’t the following quote hilarious?

“The centaur began to heave theatrical sobs, peeping out between his fingers. Now, if I were a button camera, where would I hide? Somewhere the sweeper wouldn’t check.” (Colfer 170)

Can’t do without one of Commander Julius Root’s witty insults. “Fowl! Open the door, you pasty-faced mud weasel!”  (Colfer 134)

This quote always causes me to laugh!
“I could tell, you but you’re not going to like it.”
‘Tell me, Captain. That’s a direct order.”
Holly told him. He didn’t like it.” (Colfer 198)

“At the risk of sounding clich├ęd, Briar, you’ll never get away with this.” (Colfer 208)

“So, you’re saying this fissure is going to open up for a couple of minutes. And I have to fly through. And that’s the entire plan? said Holly.” (Colfer 221)

“Artemis didn’t argue. In truth, these facts had already occurred to him. Sometimes being a genius was a burden.
‘Very well, Butler. I shall remain here. Unless… ‘
Butler’s eyes narrowed. ‘Unless what?’
Artemis smiled his dangerous smile. ‘Unless I have an idea.” (Colfer 229)

“Holly stared at him frankly. ‘To remind you that deep beneath the layers of deviousness, you have a spark of decency. Perhaps you could blow on that spark occasionally.” (Colfer 274)

What are you waiting for? Buy The Arctic Incident and fall in love with its brilliant cast and sly humor. It is the perfect book for boys, girls, men and women alike!!!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I haven't read a single book by this author before... *hides*

    I guess I will have to change that soon! This sounds absolutely amazing and those quotes you selected are convincing me to pick up this series soon. I'm glad to hear you're so invested in it! Awesome review, Rachel. :)

  2. I've been meaning to read these for ages, it's about time I invested in some copies I think! :)

  3. Ooooo Rachel anti-heroes are my favorite too! The way you described Artemis, and there's nothing I enjoy more than watching a character grow over time. Clearly, this is a series I need to read given your reaction to it, and I hope this last book is everything you hoped it would be!

    Beautiful review:)

  4. LOL I think your persuasive methodology is working, Rachel -- I AM CONVINCED! :') I've been meaning to read this book for the longest time, but for some reason, I haven't yet. I can feel your excitement gushing through your words and it's making me crazy in love with the sound of this. An awesome villianess named Opal? Yes, please! (Random note: That's my birthstone LOL!)

    Amazing review, Rachel! :) <3

  5. I loved your enthusiasitc fan girl review! I actually have two books in this series layng around and haven't started them, I know I hear you shufdering. I must endeavor to read them, they sound wonderful! I will be on the lookout for your review of the last book!

  6. Lolz, the Arctic Incident is my favourite book in the series. Things aren't the same without Root :'(
    The Last Guardian is really good.

  7. Oh, Rachel, actually this is the first book I read in this series! x) I can't find the first book, so I decided to just jump into the series and find out whether I like it or not. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad that I gave this book a go! It's AMAZING. <3

    Love your review SO MUCH, Rachel! Fantastic as always. <3

    PS: I'm sorry I haven't commented on your blog lately! I got sick these past few days. :(

  8. Ya know, I've never read an Artemis Fowl book even though it's one of those series that seem highly popular and probably right up my alley. I don't know when, but I figure one of these days I'll have to give it a go.

  9. It is confirmed: I have been living under a rock. This is the first time I hear of this series BUT, since your persuasive methodology worked admirably, it certainly won't be the last.
    Wonderful review, Rachel!

  10. I haven't read anything by this author *gasp* I'm under the rock with Maja here! haha. It sounds really awesome though I definitely would like it! Awesome review, love!

    1. ME TOO! How have I made it this far!? Your review suggests I need to fix this error in my ways ASAP. I love to see someone love a series. great post.

  11. I love it when a books sucks you in and is completely addicting. The anti-hero is a favorite of mine too, Rachel. I love the flawed characters. I've seen this series around on Netgalley but never did request it. Your persuasive methodology has me re-thinking my decision. Wonderful review. :)



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