Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Top Three Childhood Books

1. The King’s Beard by Tish Rabe: This is an extremely cute book that rhymes. It has a funny story of how beards can cause war. It’s a true fairy tale that only takes two minutes to read. The illustrations are magnificent because they are very colorful and stylistic.

2. Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket: This is the fifth book in the famous Series of Unfortunate Events. I love this book because it is set in the most absurd boarding school and is the first book the Baudelaire orphans made friends. This book taught me many words like architect and my first Latin phrase Memento Mori “Remember you will die”.

3. Hidden Talents by David Lubar: Edgeveiw Alternative School is the school for rejects. And for teens with supernatural powers. It is easy to read, humorous and has a fantastic, simple plot. It has a great male protagonist who struggles through adversity, convincing his friends of the truth and discovers that everyone has a special talent.

My next unforgettable book will be the fourth in a marvelous series that tells a tale about growing up and sacrifice.

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