Monday, January 16, 2012

The Ivy: Secrets Review

There are so many reasons I cannot wait for the book The Ivy: Rivals by Lauren Kunze, coming out this year on March 6.

The Ivy sereis tells the story of the first year of college of a Californian named Callie.

The second book in this series, The Ivy: Secrets tells the story Callie's second half of her first semester in college. As she struggles with exams, her love life, black mail and a ruin friendship with her old best friend, Vanessa, she learns many life lessons.

This book contains non-stop action, hilarious one-liners, memorable scene- no matter how many times I read it the Limerick’s dinner remains amazing- and characters that each have an amazing role to play. This story is unique in its usage of literary techniques and providing glimpses on what realistically goes on at college, in this case Harvard.

Two characters that start with M are amazing friends to Callie: Mimi and Matt. I love how Mimi always there to mediate peace, her carefree nature and occasional use of her native French language. Matt was a perfect friend for Callie to choose to, finally, tell her secret too.

I love how it flawlessly transitions throughout third person point of view and incorporates allusions that relate to events learned in school. My favorite lesson the prisoner dilemma game theory that reminds me more of detective stories then economics.

The Casablanca quotes during the last chapter fitted perfectly with the plot’s dilemmas of love and how it is a series of miscommunication and rivalry.

            If you have not read this unforgettable book yet, READ IT!

A Bit of Creative Writing

The last line is amazing and I created a trillion scenarios for the beginning of the third book. My favorite of my ideas is the following:

            “Gregory!” a shrill voice cried loudly across the room.
            Callie couldn’t stop looking in those beautiful blue eyes. That look like, for the first time in a long time, friendly. Ungrudging.
            “Gregory” Alessandra came into to view. She hurriedly hugged Gregory and said “I so glad you’re finally back.” noticing Callie and Clint, she smiled warmly at Callie. ”Oh, Hi Callie, looks like you’re dreams came true!”

1.     OK is the Pudding dues hero.
2.     Gregory told Clint already what happened at Harvard-Yale after the Fainting Debacle.

My next unforgettable book will be the forth in a marvelous series that tells a tale about growing up.

Feel free to post theories, constructive criticism or talk about books in Comments.  


  1. Great job! I love your blog background. Wonderful insights!!

  2. Great review! I've been meaning to read this series. I'm glad that the book transitions well between 3rd person points of view. That's hard to do well.



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