Friday, January 27, 2012

Everyone's a Critic by Paul Ruditis

School's out, but the drama never stops at the superposh Orion Academy. Hartley Blackstone -- the famous director, producer, choreographer, and genuine Broadway icon -- has chosen Orion to hold auditions for one lucky guy and girl to attend his summer theater program in New York City.
Naturally, every wannabe-It girl and boy at Orion is going mad, prepping to win Blackstone's approval. With any luck, it could be Bryan and his BFF, Sam, stepping onto a Broadway stage.
But Mr. Blackstone, known for his notoriously harsh critiques, is capable of crushing hearts and shattering dreams with a single word. Bryan will need more than his snarky wit and cute smile for this one. He's got to bring it!
Now if he could just figure out exactly what it is...
(Synopsis provided by GoodReads)

This is the book I always remember every time I do not get into the cast or receive a callback for a play. There is a character in this book that discovers he cannot act. Then he becomes depressed till he learns there is more to the theater business then acting; he can still be successful in the competitive world of theater as a director or crew chief.

If you enjoy theater or laughing, this is the book for you. 

Theater: All the theater stereotypes are in this book: the character actor, the natural actor, the drama queen, the goth, the evil villainess. There is a united family community contained in the club. The theater geeks all know each other, their talents and place in the community. The audition process is nerve-racking and everyone feels awful and hopeful after their audition. Negative critiques from a famous director causes anxiety and tears. 

There is a few side stories in this book. Bryan and his best-friend Sam try to reunite a recently broken up couple; one is their other best friend Hope and the other is Bryan's ex-best friend Drew. I find their strategies ineffective but amusing to read about. Another sub-plot is Bryan and his friends fighting against their enemy, the amazing actress Holly Mayflower. The animosity between the groups is obvious and realistic. 

The main reason I like this book is because it tells the true world of high school theater and is an amusing read. This book has simple plot that is based around a competition. I find all the characters special because they each have their own individual role to play. I enjoy how they fight when stressed, but always remain to help each other in the end. 

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