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Review: The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

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Suddenly, with a little warning, I wrote a whole review after a few struggles the past week. Turns out, I just need to find a different book to review while I still gather my emotions towards another. 

Today I am reviewing...

The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead
Publication Date: November 19th, 2013
Publisher: Razorbill
Source: Bought!

The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead lives true to its name. During this central book is the times Adrian and Sydney walk within a lighted cavern both certain of their role as candleholder. Neither letting the bounds over their romance to take hold and pull them away.

I both love and wanted more in this book. There are great moments. There are bland. There are breathtaking lines and bothersome telling points. There are predictable twists and a sweet, juicy romance. 

The two things I know for sure are one) I feel the Sydrian gasp and two) I experiencing either bitter or love emotions for all other major characters.

Adrian point of view was the best. I like the youthful appearance he gives to Sydney during their time alone together. So many times point of views bear similarities, yet Adrian brought his humor, insecurity, and pensive valor. While reading The Golden Lily I hoped others would come to admire Adrian, as much as Sydney and I, when realizing his truth courage, and in this book it may come to fruition for a moment or two. 

After outgoing Rose, I was happy to gain my fellow inquisitive introvert Sydney. Sydney was always hard working, wise and gentle. Now, she finally reaches complete open-mindedness. There is no quality I desire more from people. A hard gained attribute that Sydney implements to her advantage while trying to pacify the one who needs to learn it too. And causes the best line of the book. Too bad the line is too spoilery.

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!!!!!!! Since Shadow Kiss, he has reigned among the characters that I miss when absent. While reading Blood Promise and during the first part of this book, I kept wondering, “Where’s Eddie?” I am mad that he was gone from a large part of this story. His resolve to help Rose after Mason’s death and his continuing selfless journey created this selfless warrior. He’s a bright torch that faces self-hate towards his inability to solve everything, raging fire in his wake.

I liked seeing the way Eddie influences Neil, a new dhampir, to become selfless. (At least that’s inferred by my reading) I was a bit worried that Neil would continue the whole book as an overzealous flatstone. And then Neil drove home his surface of arrogance is actually because he wants to acquire honor.  Still, he could never replace Eddie.

My bitter juices goes to Sydney's dad and a certain sister. My surprise giddiness goes to Trey. 

The story journeys to a unsurprising conclusion and a simple realization to how to prevent Stirgoitism. Yet the former does not really matter because I am enthralled by the glimpse of the new setting. I cannot wait for the next book to explore more. The second gave me nerveless disappointment. Yet, it leads to a great Eddie moment and certain cameos. Though I wish for more from Christian’s.  

My hopes and predictions for Silver Shadows:

The center will hold.

Eddie will redeem his failure.

Adrian will locate a lost.

Sydney will stay strong. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. So happy this didn't disappoint! I think the romance between Adrian and Sydney is just the sweetest. <3 I love that this book is also told from Adrian POV, he is such a charming character. I know a lot of people prefer Rose to Sydney, but I have been a fan of Sydney since book one - to me a mc doesn't need to be physically strong to be strong, y'know?

    Great review, Rachel!

  2. I need to start this series at some point. I've only read book #1 of the former series. IT just didn't' grab me but I like the sound of Sydney & Adrian.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  3. I so need to read this series Rachel! I of course loved VA but have never gotten around to starting these books. Not sure why. I can't wait to see how the Adrian/Sydney relationship progresses and I'm hugely excited that we get his POV in this book! I hope all your wishes for Silver Shadows come to pass:)

  4. Whoot! I'm glad that this one lived up to your expectations. I was not a huge fan of VA but I am really excited about giving Bloodlines a try.

    Fab review, hun! <33

  5. Hi Rachel! <3 So glad to read your review! Your reviews always sound very passionate and full of emotion - a quality I really admire. <3 I can clearly see how much you love the characters, and it makes me smile without even fully realizing it. ;)

    Aww, Adrian! I'm so glad that he grows up a lot in Bloodlines series. So excited that Sydney has became a really strong heroine. Sydney's calm and thoughtful personality is really something we haven't seen much in YA heroines. ;)

    Wonderful review, Rachel! :)

  6. Ugh, the sisters in these books annoy me so much! hah hah hah. I'm glad you enjoyed it overall, though, I did, too.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden



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