Thursday, November 7, 2013

Diary Discussion Sort of Poem


What to do When You're Finish Those Books

My original plan was to review a book this week. But, I just can't. All weekend, I was consumed with anticipation. During this week, slowly late at night (after I finished my college work), I read this amazing book, experiencing giddy jitters the entire time. Now, I finished it and I am obsessed. 

What to do now I finished an unforgettable book? 

Should I forget about it?

Do I want to? No.
Do I need to? Probably.
Ok. Yes. 
I live with responsibilities. 
Being a good friend, sister, and daughter.
Preparing for my future
and many more. 
As do we all.
We all have to live. 
But I also do not want it to disappear. 
Yet, I need to stop thinking about it to concentrate on my life. 

If anyone else experiences this feeling, this post is for you. 

How I usually get over magnificent and mind-consuming books?

I think of another book to wait for. 
This time I do not want to. 
I want to appreciate the grand book I have, 
as the others that leave the same feelings,
and move forward. 

New catharsis ideas:

Talk to a friend. Already tried. Keep thinking about the book. 
Write a blog post asking others opinions. Doing. 
Write an email to the author about how much I loved the book. Hmm, I'll try that.
Find a person who read the book to chat about it with. Let the search begin. 
Listening to music. Working a bit. 

What I really want is a potion that makes me forget only what happened in each unforgettable book and start them again with fresh eyes and with delightful surprises again. 
I want these books to continue to thrive without an ending. 
Two impossibilities. 
Two selfish desires.
The truth.

As usual, I want too much. 



  1. YES! I totally want to unread a really good book so I can experience the amazingness again.

    Wonderful post, luv! <33

  2. I think EVERY passionate reader can appreciate this post. I always feel strangely numb after a truly unforgettable book, like I need the world to stop and acknowledge my emotions. It's definitely hard moving on from one! I also would love to be able to erase my memories and start over again with fresh eyes. You can't beat that first time book feeling. :)

  3. The feelings after finishing an amazing book can be such a high and it's hard to share that with someone who didn't read the same book or who isn't a book lover. I totally can sympathize, Rachel! Great post. :)

  4. These poems totally capture my feelings perfectly, especially because a book hangover is so likely after finishing such an amazing book, and in the end I always end up revolving my life around that book and I can't stop thinking about it.

    Fantastic post, Rachel!

  5. I feel you, Rachel. I think I've done all of this but what usually works for me is to find another book obsession.

  6. Sometimes I feel absolutely devastated after reading a book--or so high I want to run around in circles screaming! There's nothing like finding the absolute PERFECT book. <3

    Social media really is pretty important for blogging--it seems to be sort of the hangout place, if you know what I mean, nearly everything else is a one-sided transaction rather than an exchange of ideas.

    It can all get pretty overwhelming sometimes for sure. And then because you don't have time to have a personal account, then you have to be careful about what you say on your official account, and...on and on, hah. Finding a good balance is hard.

    I try to approach every social media format as its own thing, whether it's Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr or Pinterest. There's certainly some crossover stuff (our blog posts, plus occasional links), but I find it's most helpful to try and not repeat everything, either--otherwise there's no reason for your followers to follow you to other places.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

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