Friday, October 4, 2013

Truth or Dare

Happy Friday Everyone!

Ever since my favorite meme, Blogspiration hosted by Saz101 and Growing Up YA, ended, I have been searching for a new meme. A new meme that is unique and wonderful. One to share love and bring the blogging community together. After all, occurrences like Goodread's new policies, are changing everything. 

The meme I am participating in today might be the one. 

The meme Truth or Dare premiers today. The meme was created by the blogger Jenn Does Books
Every week there will be a new Truth or Dare to answer. 


If you only had twenty-four hours to live, what book would you read and why??



Go to the bookstore and take photos of three books from the bookshelf- tell us about them?

This week I choose Truth mostly because the closest bookstore is a few metro stops away. 

The book I choose has my favorite line in the history of fiction. (Funny how this relates to my first Blogspiration post.) 

It contains a story that surprised me. I cheer the author for creating such a ingenious twist that related back to my favorite potion. 

During the book I finally became connected to the characters in ways beyond I though was possible. My connection to these characters last even today after four years of not reading this book.

I want to read a book during my last day that I know I already adore and want to read one last time. 

I wish there would never be a last re-reading of this book.   

I know this is a common choice, but it will always be the book.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooh man I would definitely bring a HP book or sneak in the whole series! I could re-read those books for ever and never get bored! :D

  2. Definitely a HP book for me too, although if I had to choose just one, it would be The Order of Phoenix. :)
    You're right, Rachel, this is a lovely meme, and a fabulous idea.
    I'm glad you decided to participate.

  3. It would have to be a Harry Potter book for me too, though I'm not sure which one! Goblet of Fire is definitely one of my favourites though.

    I love this feature, Rachel! I haven't come across it before, but I like the idea here.

  4. Oh, I hope that this meme is "The One"!!! *crosses fingers* I had fun planning it!

    And YES!!! A Harry Potter mention! I think I would have to expand this answer to the recent Harry Potter paperback box set release. Like Lays potato chips, it is hard reading "just one" Harry Potter book... But you picked one of the best of the series!

    Thank you for participating this week!

  5. This meme is new to me, but it sounds great. I've always loved truth or dare :) In this case, I think I'd do with the dare though. I still have/want to read SO many books, choosing only one is not something I could do :) And going to a bookstore to take a few photos sounds fun.



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