Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ARC Review: Seven Day Fiancé by Rachel Harris

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Today I am reviewing:

Seven Day Fiancé by Rachel Harris
Publication Date: TODAY! October 14th, 2013
Publisher: Entangled Bliss 
Source: Publisher 

My Review:

While reading Seven Day Fiancé by Rachel Harris, I continued my journey into Cajun culture from Louisiana. I love these small town people who are proud of their culture. I just love learning about the difference between Cane’s creole and Angelle’s country Cajun lifestyles. Amusing and extravagant funny silent auctions where everyone bids on guys, large family greetings for a long missed relative, and a group-cooking contest.

Angelle and Cane hold the love Brady, Angelle’s decent, memorable, once boyfriend/fiancé and best friend, and I long for and hope to find someday. They understand each other, connecting in ways beyond the surface. They try to honor each other’s independence and string along a lie that is believable because of their own chemistry. Each interaction between them leaves laughter and awe and headaches banging for them to admit they want to be really together.

Angelle is amazing. A proud women hoping to show her family that she can succeed in her life away from her hometown. A non-athlete who still moves along battling fires, personal family ones, love life ones, internal ones and literal ones.

The whole story has brilliant lingering moments. The most unforgettable moment – the one after Cane gains approval. His internal depravity is completely touching.  

“Cane looked at the woman beside him, her green eyes still conflicted over this latest development. But happiness was also there. Affection, too. And as her gaze slid across his face, Cane thought he saw a glimmer of hope. Of wanting more than he could ever give. That was enough to douse any sense of victory or satisfaction.” Pg. 122 of my ARC

My criticism lies in wanting more in terms of the side cast. I wish Angelle’s family was explored more indepth, like Colby’s family in Taste the Heat. There was a nice dose of Angelle’s family, but I ended the book still feeling separated from their inside life. Additionally, much of Cane’s communication with Angelle’s brothers was shared through Angelle’s faraway view. I know that shows Cane’s outsider status, but I still would have loved to know more about Cane’s growing relationship with Angelle’s family.

Anyways, Seven Day Fiancé by Rachel Harris breathes culture, joyful predictability, and true love. I read this book straight through thanks to its wonderful writing style that gently pictures this exciting story. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Now that, is one interesting title. I don't think it's my type of read but I'm glad you still really enjoyed it!

    Fantastic review! <33

  2. Hope your midterms went well. This sounds like the perfect pick me up/ relaxation read. I am always up for a sweet love story. Now I can't stop thinking about cupcakes!

  3. Although you thought the side cast could have done with some more work, I'm glad you liked this overall. I haven't actually come across it before! It sounds like it could be a nice weekend read. Lovely review, Rachel! And good luck with your college work. :)

  4. I just love exploring different cultures so this sounds like somerhing I'd enjoy very much. Although the secondary characters could have been better developed, overall, it seems to be a great read.
    Lovely review, Rachel!

  5. This sounds like a book I would really like and although the side cast isn't as strong it sounds like the main characters were well developed. Plus I love Rachel Harris's other books that I read so I doubt she'll disappoint me in this one! :)

  6. Sounds like a sweet romance with a rich setting! Wonderful review, Rachel! :)



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