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Blog Tour: Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer Review!

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Today I am enthusiastic to participate in the blog tour for Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer!
 I shall be sharing my review, the action-packed first chapter and an important poll.
This tour was organized by Wendy at The Midnight Garden
The introduction post can be found here! There is the list of all the review stops, the interviews and excerpt stops!

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Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer
Publication Date: May 28th, 2013
Publisher: Kennsington Publishing 
Source: Netgalley from publisher. (Thanks!)
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My review

Spirit and I did not start out the right way. By “the right way” I mean I started it longing for Nick/Quinn’s book (Secret!) and that one is after Spirit, coming out in January. I still felt the want the latest time I re-read Spirit, two days ago, when I wondered what Nick and Quinn (and Adam) were up to when Hunter could spot Layne, Gabriel, Simon, Becca and Chris in a scene, and Nick and Quinn were elsewhere. Hmm, were they meeting up with Adam?

Anyways, eventually, I grew to appreciate Spirit. It is a work of quality. The writing is amazing. There are so many characters that I love for many different reasons. The quick nod to Nick and Quinn’s friendship was superb. The plot is full of shocking surprises. There is a profound depth of understanding and portraying true teenagers.

Spirit is the third book in a currently five book series about the four Merrick brothers and a fifth boy who is related to them through friendship, bad first-intentions and the power of full element control. All five boys can control the elements. The oldest brother, Michael, controls earth and has a humongous burden on his shoulders to lead his brothers because their parent’s died years prior due to a fire. There is Gabriel, the headstrong one, who can control fire. Layne is Gabriel’s studious girlfriend and Simon is her brother. Gabriel’s twin Nick, who has a hidden fire I love and is my favorite brother, who can control air. The youngest, Chris, can control water. Becca is his girlfriend and she can control all five elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit). 

Hunter is the protagonist of Spirit. His father and uncle are Guides. Guides are people who can control all five elements. Guides have a mission to kill any full element, meaning any person who has a complete and powerful control of an element. Before the series began, Hunter’s father and uncle were died by natural event and Hunter blames himself for their death because he begged to come on his father’s job trip to confront the Merricks, leading to the delayed traveling time, causing his father’s and uncle’s death. 

Why did I rate this book Four Stars of Amazement?

Amazement for a poignant scene! There is a splendid scene in Spirit between Hunter, his mother and his grandfather. I adore the gun imagery throughout the scene, including “His grandfather’s eyes were like steel, solid and unwavering.” Pg. 46 of my ARC. This scene left me amazed. It was sad. It was real. It was just indescribably one of the best scenes I ever read.

Amazement for Michael! He is so influential to everyone in this series! Michael’s a character who can do anything he sets his mind to. He knows how the world works and provides advice freely and attentively. I was completely amazed at the connection Michael and Hunter formed in this book. Michael is someone who is completely trustworthy. I just wished Hunter realized that through the book. 

Amazement for the book’s surprises! The revelations told on Kate’s history. What happened to a certain character. This book is the first book the Elemental series that left me shocked by the secrets that were revealed. I love them all, but I never was surprised before and I am thankful for the glee I felt becoming surprised while reading Spirit.

Amazement for all the characters! I love the brotherly aggression between Hunter and Gabriel. Every Nick scene made me smile. I am ecstatic that he had so many good scenes. I love the dramatic irony of Hunter being jealous of the Nick and Kate talking. Kate is so funny; I love her starey faces o_o

Hunter’s flaw of never trusting anyone was aggravating at times, but all his seclusion, all his anger made sense after everything he gone through. His lost of his father and uncle, and a gained a sadden mother and uncaring grandparents. Hunter is a tense boy, full of emotion. It is easy to care about him and wish he just realize that life does not need to be a solo journey. 

“The next day…”

Spirit was an amazing story. I admired how wonderfully it was written, the amazing characters, the lovely surprises, the action sequences, the remarks of dog actions (Go Casper!) and the sense of family.

I hope you take a chance on the Elemental series. It is a series you do not, I repeat, do not want to miss out on.

“You are brothers.”

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Thanks again Wendy for allowing me to be a review stop on this tour.
Remember that all quotes are subject to change in the final published version of Spirit.
“The next day, you are brothers.” is my favorite line from Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer. It is on page 299 of my ARC

Now check out all the stops of the Spirit blog tour and buy Spirit tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

Also, here's a poll where you can vote for the boy you want Brigid to write a short story about! 


  1. I'm so glad you share my love for Michael! I loved Spirit mostly because of him, he was finally given a more important role and I enjoyed every second of it. This book surprised me in so many ways. I disliked both MCs, but I loved that it was unpredictable in so many ways. And now that I finished it, I think I'm almost ready to forgive Hunter. Maybe even like him, eventually.
    Lovely review, Rachel!

  2. So excited you loved this one despite not getting off quite on the right foot Rachel! I've been hesitant to give it a try because I'm not sure how I feel about Hunter, but I know I should just trust in Brigid Kemmerer to write a brilliant story:) Can't wait to spend more time with these characters!

  3. Spirit sounds great! I really want Michael to have this own book and I'm curious about the friendship he and Hunter form. Amazing review :)

  4. I had some issues with Hunter in this installment and I can't wait to see how his character meshes with the Merricks as time goes on. I did love all the secondary characters so much! Michael and Gabriel being my favorites! Great review and post, Rachel! :)

  5. I requested this book so I would get motivated to read the series because I have heard some amazing things and I have got to get going. I am glad after a rough start that this book amazed you! I hope to read these very very soon!

  6. Hunter's lack of trust was quite frustrating, but I, too, thought it made sense for his character, especially given what he has had to endure in the past. I loved the connection between Michael and Hunter! I've always adored Michael's character, but I don't think it was until Spirit that I completely fell in love with him. Great review, Rachel! :)

  7. Yay, I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, Rachel. Thanks so much for being on the tour!

  8. I think there are many elements that make this book interesting. Your review was very helpful in making me realize about the quality work.

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