Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome Hilda!

Happy New Years Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Today I am happy to have one of my favorite bloggers I met this year, Hilda from Catch the Lune, present her top books of 2012 on my blog! Hilda is a friendly blogger and I always enjoy visiting her blog. I want to first compliment Hilda's amazing graphics that she designed for this post! They are all gorgeous! 

Thanks for reading!
Hello everyone! My name is Hilda and you can always find me on my blog, Catch the Lune. First of all, I have to tell you how excited I am to have a chance to do guest post in Rachel’s blog! Rachel’s blog has always been one of my favorites, so it’s so great to be here! :) *look around in awe in Rachel’s wonderblog*

Today,  I will share about my top seven books read in 2012! Without further ado, here is the (much shortened) list:

1. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collinsread in January 2012

I know! It’s terrible that it took me two years to read this book. I know that some people don’t like the ending, but I personally think it’s beautiful and perfectly flawed. Team Peeta forever! ;)

2. Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbardread in February 2012

I really like the main character of this story, Bria. She reminds me of myself with her wanderlust and spontaneous side LOL! ;) Plus, the illustrations inside are really lovely! This book makes me want to be backpacker and travel around the world. :)

3. Divergent by Veronica Rothread in May 2012

This.is.AWESOMENESS. My feelings, aaaah. Tris and Four. Oh –em-gee, I think I could even write thousands reviews on this book. ;) Anyway, I’m an Abnegation! Who else is in the selfless faction? ;)

That's amazing that you can choose one faction Hilda! Go being an Abnegation (self-less)! I am impressed. It takes so much strength to be selfless and loyal. I am a combination of Amity (kindness), Candor (honest) and Dauntless (bravery). The quiz on the end of my copy of Divergent said so and I agree. Love Divergent too! Such an amazing story!

4. Arranged by Catherine McKenzieread in May 2012

Such a lovely story! I weirdly like the idea of arranged marriage (No, seriously. Strange I know), and I’m in love with references to Anne of Green Gables in this book. Must read for fans of fluffy romance. :)

5. The Night Circus by Erin Morgensternread in October 2012

Enchanting, magical, and beautiful – I run out of adjectives to describe this book. This book is practically dripping with awesomeness. Recommended to everyone who has ability to read. ;)

Charlie! It’s impossible to hate this guy. He’s just lovable. I also love the writing, it’s very easy to follow. Charlie felt like a dear friend of mine when I finished it. The way he makes mixtape for Christmas gift is such a lovely idea as well! :’)

7. The Fault in Our Stars by John Greenread in December 2012

*sheds tears* John Green is a GENIUS. It’s very romantic, and I couldn’t function well for few days after reading it. I’m still having heartache every time I think about it. It’s strange that love seems like the easiest and the hardest thing that comes to our lives. :’)

The books above are highly recommended. I also have a very long list of books published in 2013 I can’t wait to read. (Thankfully 21st of December is not the end of the world :P)

2013 wish: I hope that J.K. Rowling would magically publish a children book in 2013, that heroines in YA would be more like Katniss and Tris and Hermione, that Gayle Forman’s new book would pluck my heartstrings and make me cry all over again. Oh, and finger crossed that Finnick Odair in the movie would be as breathtakingly-amazing-omg-someone-hold-me as the book. ;)

Thank you for reading this, everyone! What is your favorite book read in 2012? :)



    I actually haven't read the other books, but I've heard such amazing things of them! ESPECIALLY Perks! I'm reading the book and then watching the movie later on and I have really high expectations and I hope I love it as much as you, Hilda!

    Love the gifs! :D

  2. Divergent! Loved that one. I have but I'm afraid to read The Fault of Our Stars. Don't want to cry. Love all the graphics and guest post, Hilda and Rachel! :)

  3. What a lovely guest post by Hilda! I totally agree with TFiOS - wonderful book!

  4. Oh my! I have read most of these books last year too. Divergent, Perk of Being A Wallflower, The Fault In Our Stars...These books are really just fantastic. Great post Hilda and Rachel. :)

  5. Wow, it's Hilda! We missed you, dearest!
    I was WRECKED, an absolute emotional mess after reading Mockingjay. gosh, the characters broke my heart. :( Wanderlove was easily one of my favourite books of 2012, and so lovely!

    Fabulous post ladies, and happy New Year to both of you!


  6. When I hosted my Best of 2012 giveaway and did a poll Fault in The Stars was the book that people told me was their favorite the most so now I am endeavoring to read it. Some great books up there! THanks for sharing, Hilda and Rachel!

  7. Wanderlove, Divergent, and TFiOS were all some of my faves too! Amazing list, Rachel! :) Unfortunately, Mockingjay was a disappointment for me, but I do need to read Perks and The Night Circus, so I'm thrilled that you adored those! Happy New Year! :D

  8. Oh I absolutely love this post Hilda! The gif's are so awesome! I especially love the one of the cute kid! I agree I absolutely loved Divergent too, it's a definite favourite of this year along with Shadows by Paula Weston and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn! :)

  9. This is such a wonderful post, HAPPY NEW YEAR! First off, the graphics and GIFs are so so awesome ^.^ I still need to read Catching Fire, then I can move on to Mockingjay and decide if I like the finale :D DIVERGENT - I am most definitely reading that this year... I absolutely MUST! And Wanderlove seems so sweet - must check it out!

    Thanks for the wonderful post, Hilda and Rachel <3

  10. I really, really need to read The Fault in Our Stars - I've heard nothing but AMAZING Things about it, and I can't believe I haven't given it a try already. Or anything by John Green. I fail. This is a fantastic list Hilda, thanks to you and Rachel for sharing!



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