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Entrances and Exits by Paul Ruditis Review

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Today I am reviewing a book that I read many times and enjoyed every second of the book each time!

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Entrances and Exits by Paul Ruditis
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: August 28th, 2008
Souce: Bought!

In short:

By far the best ending of a series I ever read. 

In long:

Where do I even start? This is the book that anyone who loves theater and relaxing lighthearted books should read. It may not be a perfect book, but the enjoyable break from reality it provides is everlasting!

Entrances and Exits is the last book in the Drama series by Paul Ruditis. I find it marvelous how each book can easily standalone. Though I feel it is best to read the whole series in order to obtain a full picture of the characters. This book centers on our witty and garrulous protagonist Bryan directing his first play and the drama that ensues. The play is a romance that every person who auditioned wants to act in, not because they wanted to be directed by an amateur, but because Achromantic is a brilliant play written by Bryan's best friend Hope. So it is no wonder Bryan is nervous. Who wants to disappoint their best friend and ruin their chances for their dream job?

This book is an entertaining portrait of directing a high school show. The writing is smooth as it narrates humorously the process of the play transforming from a script to a masterpiece that everyone enjoys. The process is of course not easy and there are many wonderful surprises along away. The story of why Bryan and lousy soccer-playing Drew stopped being best friends was perfectly placed. The sub-plot of Hope being mad at Bryan was entertaining. Discovering Drew's true passion was amazingly set. I could easily connect to Drew's stress of applying to college and moving back into his old hobby of painting.  

Best of the best was Belinda. I was so surprised how much I grew to adore Belinda. In the first three books, I simply paid her no heed. After reading this book for the first time, I re-read her scenes from the earlier books and am still amazed that I forgotten to care about such a wonderful character. I relished the scenes between Belle and Bryan. Seeing her grow from perceiving her as an antagonistic stepsister of Hope to a friend of Bryan who is sweet and fierce. I wish that she could have taken a larger role in the earlier books or that there were more scenes between her and Bryan in this book. Belle was brilliant in this book as she shined as a spirited actress who will never again be a background player.

Entrances and Exits is a vivacious book encompassed by embarrassing mistakes, directorial errors, friendship problems, awkward romance moments and sharp drama references. It is a book that I will always appreciate when I just want to sit back and appreciate a semi-honest portrayal of drama geeks. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooh look at that cover! It screams teen movie, though that particular shade of green is not for me! This book sounds like a very fun read though. Maybe not something I would usually go for but I will definitely keep it in mind. Wonderful review as always, Rachel!

  2. I've never head of this series before Rachel! Clearly I'm missing out. I love when a series concludes in a hugely satisfying way, it's the greatest feeling ever. You've put all this time and expended all this emotion, so when things don't end the way you'd hoped, it's always so disappointing. Glad that didn't happen here!

  3. A vivacious book with an akward romance now that sounds like a lot of fun. I have not heard of this series and it sounds like I missed out. I wish it had ended better, thought!

  4. I love that you say this, "It may not be a perfect book, but the enjoyable break from reality it provides is everlasting!". It is so true!! A book might not be 5 stars, but OH how it can be such an entertaining and delightful read!

    I've never heard of these books before, nor would I really pay attention to them usually, but Rachel... you have SO convinced me to give it a try if I ever spot a copy! Sometimes you just NEED a fun book with awkward romance and drama geeks :D Fantastic review!

  5. I love how you always review series I've never even heard of! I should totally look into this. And I agree that a book doesn't need to be pefect. In fact, most of my favorites aren't, not even close. Reading a book because it's fun and it takes you away from reality is a very good reason, if you ask me. :)
    I'm glad you enjoyed. Great review!

  6. This sounds super cute, Rachel. I love it when a series makes you want to read it over and over again! I'm wondering if Belinda is the love interest. You've piqued my interest. Great review Rachel! :)

  7. Aww this sounds like such an adorable series Rachel! I think what I love most about it is how the books can be read as stand-alones, with my lack of reading time lately I don't think I would be able to commit to reading this entire series, so it's good to know I can gobble this light hearted book up when I feel like a quick pick me! Thanks for putting this on my radar and another brilliant review! :)

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