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ARC Review: The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

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Today I am pleased to review:

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The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publication Date: October 23, 2012
Source: NetGallery and Harlequin Teen
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The Nightmare is Over!

I do not know about you, but I was frightened that I would not be able to enjoy The Lost Prince as much as the Iron Fey series. That I would be constantly wishing that Ethan was Ash instead. That the story would be too reminiscent to this book’s preceding series. Thankfully, all my worries were for not. Reading The Lost Prince was an excellent journey where I enjoyed every marvelous moment.

I was amazed at the direction this story went. The Fogotten were frightening, eerie antagonists. Kagawa yet again went somewhere that is usually forgotten in fairy stories. The iron side of fey was just the beginning. Now, we get to see the side of the story of the humans who are related to and encounter fairies. Now we get to see the side of the story of the fairies that know one remembers.

Kagawa's writing was just as beautiful as I remembered. Her writing is the perfect blend of efficient exquisite descriptions and lyrical language. I adore how she describes people just enough so I can visualize them but not too much that I’m like “Move on to the story.” This story caused me to need to read this story till my eyes hurt in the early morning and want to spread my love of this story to everyone I meet. Kagawa’s writing is of flowing lyrics that I wish I could create as well. Basically, her writing is phenomenal.

The Lost Prince may have miniscule flaws, (What? Only one scene with Meghan and an anticlimactic ending?), but it does provide what I search for in an unforgettable book. It is a stress reliever. It has excitement. It has growing characters. Best of all, it holds a new side to a story. There was not one page of The Lost Prince that I did not enjoy reading. Not one character that I did not find intriguing. Reading The Lost Prince was the perfect break from reality.

I never wanted this story to end. I valued seeing Ethan grow from a distant outsider to someone who could actually be friendly to others. I miss the sweet four-year-old Ethan from the Iron Fey series, but this damaged Ethan is even better. He was not one of the characters I immediately bonded with. His refusal to be friendly to others irked me in the beginning. But I knew that his reasons for being aloof were justifiable. I have no idea how I would deal if my sister, Rebecca, left me to be Queen of a magical world that once imprisoned me. As the story went along, Ethan started to stop being so distant and become an impressive snarky hero. He took charge and his slowly growing love for Kenzie drew me in. I also enjoyed the scene where he performed kali, an awesome Filipino martial art. And the Whedon moment! Anyone who loves Joss Whedon’s work is a friend of mine.

The other characters were just as amazing and constantly changing. Kenzie, a normal girl, at the beginning seemed too similar to Meghan. Thankfully, she grew into her new distinct character as she went on her adventure with Ethan and Kierran. I’m so glad that she did not believe fairies existed till she had proof and was confident, brave and tenacious. Kierran was mostly a good character, but not as impressive as Ethan, Kenzie, Razor and Grim.

Razor! He is such an adorable gremlin. I laughed so much during his scenes. Especially when he says “Master.”

Grim! The feline terror! He is still my favorite character. (Though Razor kept inching forward to his territory.) He is still his amazing sassy self and has many appearances!

Overall, The Lost Prince is a fantastic book that I hope you buy next Tuesday when it finally comes out. Razor orders you too. “Grrrrrrr. Bad kitty. Not reading good book.”

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  1. I have this one too, Rachel. Nice to see you loved it so much! I need to pick this up soon. :)

  2. Such a beautiful review Rachel, I agree Kagawa's writing is amazing I could sit there for hours with one of her books in my hand. Your review has definitely encouraged me to give this book a shot! :)

  3. I'm really glad Grim is in this book and I absolutely love that cat! :D I was a little worried about this book too but now I am feeling much better about it and can't wait to read it soon. Great review, Rachel!

  4. I wasn't a fan of the Iron Fey series because I didn't like the mc, but I may give this a go as I did love the world Kagawa created. Great review! ^^

  5. I had the same worries in this book too, Rachel. But after finishing it I realized how there wasn't really to worry about because this book is just as amazing as the first series. I'm so glad you enjoyed this too. Fantastic review. :)

  6. Oh, my goodness, I am so relieved. I have a review copy on the way, and I was frightened that I wouldn't like it, but after reading your review, I'm confident I will. As long as Kagawa stays herself and doesn't lose any of the quality I associate with her, we're fine. I can totally forgive an anticlimactic ending with that in mind.
    GReat review, Rachel!

  7. Yeah! I can't wait to read this one, So Happy to hear Grimalkin is back, I adore him, Can't wait for Razor and Ethan. I am glad this goes in a new direction from Iron Fey and I know I won't be disappointed with Kagawa's world building! Fabulous!

  8. I'm so thrilled that you loved this book and are such a huge fan of Ms.Kagawa, Rachel! Gorgeous review, hon. :) I sort of feel like the pariah, being the only one who hasn't read the Iron Fey series (I don't know... there's something about the fey that doesn't appeal to me much) but your review just blew my previous concerns out of the water!

  9. This is just what I needed to read as I'm reading this book right now but I'm not loving Ethan! I will try and see him in a different light knowing that you enjoyed this :)

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